Note From Blizzard Suggests That Diablo 4 Will Be Revealed in 2019

A new official note on Blizzard's forum suggests that the much-awaited Diablo 4 reveal may take place next year.

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chris23513d ago

is blizzard going the way of bethesda, ea and so on? it pretty much looks that way.

RacerX12d ago

Haha, and gamers everywhere collectively rolled their eyes at Blizzard...

MrDynamite66611d ago

More like going the way of Westwood and Bullfrog, if Activision has their say

Sgt_Slaughter12d ago

You know, maybe that would have been a good idea BEFORE/AFTER you announced Immortal. "May take place next year" is not good enough for the fanbase you just disrespected.

OhReginald12d ago

That would of been awesome, announce the mobile version, get everyone scratching their heads break a few hearts and then right after that announce diablo 4 with crowds cheering and crying in excitement.

EddieNX 12d ago

Tbh I think everyone over reacted and blew it way out of proportion. People were acting like Diablo 4 had been replaced by Immortal and that's clearly not the case. It's in Blizzards interest to release Immortal as well as Diablo 4.

Agent_00_Revan12d ago

Exactly. But to be fair, they did over hype the announcement before hand. It's everyone's fault. Fans over reacted and Blizzard dropped the ball.

MeteorPanda12d ago

no they gave a good reaction to that fucking shitty announcement. In case you didn't know. It was hyped on the launch page, it was hyped about in their store with new diablo merchandise... so yeah. we were expecting a big announcement. People paid to be there for it....

mobile game and no mention of D4. So yeah. yeah we reacted.

The 10th Rider12d ago

Yeah, I don't see why they couldn't have done a Bayonetta 3/Metroid Prime 4/Elder Scrolls VI style announcement. Literally all they needed was some music, a short vague animation, and a logo and people would have been happy. Announcing Diablo Immortal at Blizzcon was one of the most tone deaf announcements that I have ever seen.

InSpectre10d ago (Edited 10d ago )

Too late. I've been playing Blizzard games for over 15 years. I uninstalled everything (Wow, Diablo, Hearthstone, HotS, Destiny etc.) including

I'm gone and I'm not coming back.

Yes, I have a phu*king phone Blizz. Jesus.

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Blackcanary12d ago

I still don’t understand the big deal. So they decided to release a Mobile phone game before bringing out Diablo 4. Square Enix have done quite a few Mobile games before releasing a new FF main series game and you don’t see people crying about it.

OhReginald12d ago

pretty sure its diablo fans f spent hundreds / thousands of their hard earned money on blizzcon only to get acrappy announcement for them.

Sgt_Slaughter12d ago

If you don't understand the problem, that's on you.

It's been 6+ years since Diablo III, that launched poorly and many still prefer Diablo II (which was in 2000. See how long of a wait this fanbase keeps having to do?), and the rumors/hype was that Diablo IV was going to be the sendoff announcement for the biggest part of Blizzcon.

Instead, they announce a third-party developed, copycat Diablo mobile title that you can't play on PC or without an internet connect. When asked about releasing on PC, they said no plans for that, then took a shot at everyone booing saying "Don't you guys have phones?!" like it was a funny comeback.

Blizzard messed up 100%, and they deserved all the backlash they got/still are getting.

staticall12d ago

And it's not the first time. Let's not forget how they celebrated Diablo 20th anniversary (in 2016) - with a necromancer paid DLC (making "Ultimate Evil edition" not so ultimate anymore) and not remaster of Diablo 1, not remaster of Diablo 2, not Diablo 4 announcement, not with a new addon - but with a limited-time Diablo 3 event, available only for 1 month, in January.

william_cade12d ago

Hopefully it will be like D2 not cartoony fam. friendly 3 or a copy paste NetEase game. I will buy it if it's like 2.

stevansavic8912d ago

Can't resist

Get's your phone ready boys

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