20 Dreamcast Games We'd Love To See On Nintendo Switch

So there you have it; 20 games to celebrate 20 years of the Dreamcast.

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darthv7213d ago

Not a bad selection. I'd add in some shmups like mars matrix, gigawing, gunbird and cannon spike.

Retroman13d ago

20 Dreamcast games I like to see on ps4-5

King_Noctis13d ago

Well, you would have to wait for articles like that to appear.

Retroman13d ago

No need to wait man can dream right. wish Neo Geo games coming to ps4-5 im DEAD bored of first person multiplayer military games.

RizBiz13d ago

I want a new Toy Commander. That game was great.

BlackTar18713d ago

These mostly are not the games I'd pick

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