Sony: We haven't fallen behind in social gaming

Sony hasn't fallen behind in the social gaming race, it has insisted.

Speaking at the Gamer 3.0 conference this morning in London, which is part of the London Games Festival, Jamie MacDonald, vice president of Sony Computer Entertainment Worldwide Studios insisted that the SingStar, Buzz! And EyeToy games are "still hugely successful".

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dro3466d ago (Edited 3466d ago )

fair enough but they have fallen behind as a hole in this gen, the truth is u would not expect sony to be in the postion they are in!!!

chaosatom3466d ago

what position are they in?

They are doing fine as far as I can see.

badz1493466d ago (Edited 3466d ago )

you needed to start somewhere. maybe it was the mistake from their part at Sony to expect huge sales from the get go with that $599 price tag and that was actually quite a bitter start for them. although the PS2 also launched at a high price tag last gen, PS3 was not allowed to do such stunt this gen because of the existance of 360 and Wii at a much lower price! PS3 is dubbed to be a flop especially last year but people tend to ignore the fact that it's being sold at a similar rate as the PS2 last gen although this is not at all a guarantee for it to be the 'PS2' of this gen (just yet!)! for now, we just have to watch the progress and so far, PS3 is doing just fine (but maybe not quite in Japan) and the lineup and features are getting better.

in terms of casual games, it was never a big buzz last gen eventhough there were a lot of games available in that genre. it was never mentioned as widely as now because no console were casual-centric last gen but props to the Wii for highlighting the crowd this gen while being overpowered heavily by the other 2. but seriously speaking, there are more CASUAL CRAPS on that thing compared to the good ones! I like the PS3's and 360's approaches better in terms of casual games because they offers casual games while still heavily focus on more serious games! those 2 crowd can coexist well, right?

chaosatom3466d ago (Edited 3466d ago )

If they didn't include blu-ray, then Ps3 would win easy because they would have launched early with a cheaper price tag.

But they decided to include blu-ray so that games could be bigger and developers could use that space to make big games.

was that wrong for Sony to do?

If Sony launched blu-ray alone than could it have stand against hd-dvd? probably not.

So Sony decided to attach it to ps3. Ps3 suffered, but ultimately blu-ray won.And now Ps3 is gaining ground in gaming division.

So Sony is now winning both ways because of the decision.

badz1493466d ago

actually I was replying to dro but you have good points over there. Sony sure did taking the long shot with the PS3 and I can see it starting to pay-off!

DJ3466d ago

The first 8 months after launch were so bad that I wasn't sure if it would even survive this generation. Now it's hugely successful, and looks to outsell the 360 on hardware for two years running, and in software as well (which is insane).

ultimolu3466d ago

Everyone makes mistakes, even companies. You know, people expect Sony to be so perfect that they couldn't possibly make a mistake. They made mistakes and are learning from them.

I used to be so pissed off at them last year and barely played my PS3 because I felt they screwed up so badly. Now, I love my PS3 and buy as many games as I can afford for it.

They're coming around and that's something to applaud for.

I also love the fact that they see Nintendo and Microsoft as competition but in a friendly sense.

It makes me wonder why the hell Microsoft needs to trash talk Sony every five seconds when Sony sees them as a friendly competitor in the gaming industry.

ultimolu3465d ago (Edited 3465d ago )

karl...what can I say about you?

Read what I said again dear and open thy eyes. I said Sony has made mistakes but they're making up for them. That includes being arrogant! Sony has not really trash-talked Microsoft in a while. Why is it that every time I mention Microsoft, you have to imply 'b-but Sony did it too!' Microsoft has been trash-talking Sony for a good while now and they *still* haven't stopped.


I could go on and on about this but of course...I'm not you.

Your links merely made me laugh.

karlostomy3465d ago (Edited 3465d ago )

well I guess the *slight* difference between my comment and your comment was that I never implied that MS did or did not do anything.

that was just YOU, babe.

Let me quote you: "It makes me wonder why the hell Microsoft needs to trash talk Sony every five seconds when Sony sees them as a friendly competitor in the gaming industry."

I never denied MS trash talks Sony.... after all they deserve it!

My comment was just setting the record straight. Sony trash talks like an angry hooker!
....a point which you were forced to acknowledge AFTER my post. :)

Thanks for your reply, snookums xx

ultimolu3465d ago

Lol, so they both talked trash.
Difference is, Sony learned their lesson.
Microsoft didn't.

Nice try sugar dumplings. :)

Fallen_Angel3465d ago

SingStar, Buzz! And EyeToy games are "still hugely successful

What buzz ? Seriously when have you ever heard anyone talk about eyetoy ? There is also like zero hype for sing star hell I dont even know if they are making about sing star game

karlostomy3464d ago

grrrrr! am getting all excited!


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BA-DUM TISH3466d ago

Only a fool would say Singstar isn't successful

Lord Shuhei Yoshida3466d ago

PP and Jolly1 have said stuff like that before

JOLLY13466d ago (Edited 3466d ago )

I have never said anything bad about singstar at all. People were just saying that lips is copying singstar. I said that singstar wasn't the first karaoke on consoles. As a matter of a fact singstar is quite good and quite successful.

JOLLY13466d ago

rriigghhtt...... Keep trying.

GiantEnemyLobster3466d ago

Sony? Social gaming?

Last time I checked, PStards were a bunch of nerds who sit in their mommy's basement til the wee hours of night playing their little shovelware games. Quite the opposite of social i'd say.

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FBl3466d ago

Can't disagree with Sony

xanith833466d ago

A group of xbot owners are trying to sue M$ due to the RROD!!! WOWOWOWOWOWOW!!!!!!!!! Step your game up M$..

bluecapone3466d ago

sony has fallen behind alot this gen so many empty promises

cmrbe3466d ago

and undeliver. At least you delivered soemthing.

If you don't promise anything new then you don't get anything.

DJ3466d ago

And I want them, dammit! Nevermind that i only have one HDTV. =P

003466d ago (Edited 3466d ago )

"If you overpromise

and undeliver. At least you delivered something"

I'm sorry but that is the most stupid thing I've read on N4G in awhile, I would rather be kept in the dark and get stuff I wouldn't expect(FF13) Then get told all these promises only to experience half of what was promised.

cmrbe3466d ago (Edited 3466d ago )

put it this way.

if you promise 50 things and delivered say 15 of them then that is better than promising nothing and you get nothing. How is that stupid?.

Edit: OO. I am sorry but 15 != 0 and i don't understand your logic with what you just posted. If you are talking about getting peoples hopes up then i agree but i wasn't talking about that.

Here are two pratical example.

1. Sony promised 2 HDMI ports but ended up with 1 port. The only console with a HDMI port until the elite.

2. Sony promised home which is something that hasen't been done before on console and is set to fuse online social community with gaming. Its free and its coming. What about MS and Nin?. No promise = 0.

I understand if you are talking about hype and the letdown from delays but i wasn't commeting on that.

003466d ago (Edited 3466d ago )

Is just has as bad as promising nothing and get nothing, At least the other option you no your getting nothing then being tricked by all the will Have or will get.

ultimolu3466d ago

...When has Sony promised anything?

Nobody seems to be answering this question. I would say in some ways they stumbled but they never promised anything.

SL1M DADDY3465d ago

They may have set the bar higher than they could reach but never once did I ever hear a press conference where they got up on stage and made a promise. Sorry, but the drama here is so thick you could spread it on toast. lol

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