It Sure Is Interesting To Rewatch That 'Fallout 76' Todd Howard E3 Reveal Now

Paul Tassi: "Fallout 76 has arrived not just as a middling title in a storied franchise, but as possibly the worst-reviewed major release of the year. Of the last few years, in fact. Time to take a look back to how this started."

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-Foxtrot23d ago

He's such a lying b******

I remember watching the E3 show and just shaking my head at everything he was saying because I knew online in a Fallout game made by partly them would be a disaster. I was also annoyed how many people cheered him on like he was so trust worthy.

Anyone see the stuff he said about Oblivion during an E3 show before it came out, most of the stuff he mentioned was never in the game.

UCForce22d ago

This me feel annoying. Seriously, people need to stop praising Todd like a god.

salmonade22d ago (Edited 22d ago )

He is a laughing stock now. He has blown his last chance

Godmars29022d ago

Such is true of many devs and studios. Especially studios that lost founding devs and are little more than a name.

But no, until cock-up like this, it seldom happens. Is as soon forgotten by the next project.

Ragthorn22d ago

This is the last time I will be excited for a Bethesda game. Toddrolling Howard is great at presenting a dream and making people fall for it. In fact, when I was younger, I placed him as my favourite game creator (I mean in the likes of Miyamoto and such) because I loved Oblivion and Fallout 3. But the way he pitches these games always end up under delivering for me. I know some people like Fallout 76 and I honestly do not have an issue with that, but it's just the fact that the promise is never delivered I feel and the games are ALWAYS buggy and riddled with issues not related to gameplay per se. Even if you like absolutely everything, you can't admire that "Bethesda charm" or jank and the online environment experience is proving this point. I even like the premise of an online Fallout game because it has potential, but at least I feel that this title is lacking in its delivery.

letsa_go21d ago

Out of curiosity, what did you intend to say with your first sentence? I keep rereading it, trying to make sense of it. haha

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UltraNova22d ago

Dont worry they just got bitch slapped for their arrogance amd shortcomings like there's no tomorrow. F76 is a massive failure, something that has been made very clear to them. Lets hope they... calibrate their future plans.

Realms22d ago (Edited 22d ago )

Well we will see because apparently both the new Elder Scrolls and Starfield will be using the same out dated game engine used on Fallout 4. Bethesda has fallen off as a developer they are a solid publisher but their games are starting to show how badly the industry has left them behind.

AdonisIsBeast22d ago (Edited 22d ago )

I would like to point out that going through Fallout with a friend should be an option for every future entry moving forward - even just one friend in co-op fashion.

However I will agree that 76 fails miserably in many regards and the execution was poor at best and I would not recommend this particular title by Bethesda.

-Foxtrot22d ago

No online

No multiplayer

Not even co op

They can’t do extra shit during development when they can’t even get a single player right

People should leave it at that. Want to play an RPG with a friend? Find another franchise, plenty out there.

Nacho_Z21d ago

Don't know why people are so against the idea, for me the perfect Fallout or Elder Scrolls would be a game designed for a single player but with the option to have co-op players drop in to fight alongside you.

Forget PVP unless it's a bespoke arena mode and just let people play with their friends if they wish to do so. If not then it's the same game but solo. What's not to like?

Tiqila22d ago (Edited 22d ago )

People were enraged when Sean Murray overpromised No Man's Sky, but this guy seems to get a free pass. He is such an unlikable character, his hair, his jacket, his overconfident way of telling lies all make me want to puke. Not cool.

haydenlake22d ago

Zenimax are the lying bastards, Todd is just their sockpuppet. If he had the chance he could deliver on the things HE would promise.

UltraNova22d ago (Edited 22d ago )

Did zenimax order a near unplayable game riddled with glitches and bugs against Todd's wishes?

Common lets not kid ourselves...

MasterCornholio22d ago

He had a chance and he delivered Fallout 76.

haydenlake19d ago


If you believe all of Fallout 76's shortcomings are solely on the shoulders of the lower employees in the Zenimax family then you need to STFU and understand that the head office and investors call the shots in this decaying industry, and it's the same everywhere else; EA, Ubisoft, Bethesda, Activision. Countless franchises have fallen victim to their short-sighted meddling. Fallout, Destiny, Diablo, Mass Effect, Dead Space... how many games do i have to list for you to understand that Todd Howard is a workhorse and not head-honcho. He did save Zenimax's asses with Morrowind y'know, and that's regarded as their best work.

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fluxmulder23d ago

There are 2 scenarios. Either Bethesda genuinely thought that FO76 was good enough to ship, or they knew it was crap but decided to ship it anyways. I'll give them the benefit of the doubt and go with #1. I think they've been lulled into thinking that they can do no wrong, that their fans will buy anything, no matter how buggy it is. Well that kind of thinking has backfired on them spectacularly.

ziggurcat23d ago

I think they just got lulled into believing that an online Fallout game was worth making. I know people have asked for MP for a while, but I think it was more asking for a DiDo co-op option people were asking for, not this abomination.

porkChop22d ago

Yeah, co-op was really what people were asking for. I would have been fine with them just adding coop to Fallout 4 instead.

KillZallthebeast22d ago

Or zenimax forced them. Todd and a few other bethesda devs weren't even in the credits until a patch

HylianHero22d ago

Wasn't it Skyrim on PS3 that they shipped "knowing" there were issues that made the game unplayable? This wouldn't be the first time.

fluxmulder22d ago (Edited 22d ago )

@KillZallthebeast I doubt Zenimax were pointing a gun to their heads. They seemed pretty damn confident about the game during pre-release (E3 presentation, No Clip documentary). I think they really thought it was a good game.. by their standards at least.

@HylianHero Bethesda likes to ship games that are "good enough", and let modders fix the rest. Their fans let it slide because they like the games. It seems like FO76 was the breaking point though. There isn't good enough of a game to look past the bugs, and fans can't fix the bugs themselves because it's an online game

Lilrizky22d ago

with mock reviews, QA testing, betas Bethesda knew 100%

my assumption is because they wanted to put out a game this year outside wolfenstein switch.

if fallout 76 didnt exist theres almost 2 full years between wolfenstein 2 on ps4 vs rage 2

MoshA21d ago

You dummies keep talking about bugs. As if that is the main problem with this bland garbage insulting action game. Worse than Fallout 4 & Skyrim.

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2pacalypsenow23d ago (Edited 23d ago )

"Bethesda, who once famously denied Obsidian bonuses because Fallout: New Vegas was one point below an 85."

"Pikachu Face"

Sirk7x22d ago

NV sure aged a hell of alot better than 3 did.

Strange_Evil22d ago

Bathesda is quickly joining my list of worst publishers out there. We crucified Bioware cause they f'ed up Mass Effect but Fallout has always gotten a free pass with every single launch. Game breaking bugs with shitty ass graphics from the last gen era with clunky watered down RPG mechanics. FO4 story also sucked compared to 3 and NV.

These guys are stuck in the last gen. All the hype for the new Elder Scroll game has died down for me as soon as I came to know it is using the same engine. Expect a buggy glitchy last gen experience again with it.

fiveby922d ago

I think Bethesda Game Studios could use new creative leadership. They take no risks and are producing some really lackluster products. Other studios have surpassed them and about to lap them. It's sad to see BGS fail so fard but perhaps with failure comes a new beginning.

Strange_Evil22d ago

@fiveby9... I really hope this is the kick in the nuts they needed. I really hope they go and overhaul their entire engine (or even throw it out of the window and start new). I really hope the sales sends a message that people don't need a multi-player Fallout game without a story. I really hope they understand their core strength is story telling with good RPG mechanics and amazing world creation which cannot be achieved with their old ass graphics from the PS2 days.

But something tells me they won't give a shit and we'll see the same dance with the next ES6. The only message they understand is sales and gullible folks will keep on buying this turd fueling them more.

Armaggedon22d ago

This game was a risk. Multiplayer game from Bethesda remember.

Realms21d ago (Edited 21d ago )

I don't think they care otherwise they would have started working on a new game engine for the next gen games but according from the horses mouth Peter Hines that isn't happening so any hype I had for Starfield is gone. I feel bad for Elder Scrolls fans since they will wait for years only to get more of the same.

sagapo21d ago

In Bioware’s defence: it was a whole other team making MEA then the ME trilogy. If the upcomming Anthem sucks as well, I’ll lose my faith in Bioware too.

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wheatley22d ago

And what were some of reviewers' grievances with NV? The glitches in the game's engine made by Bethesda...

1-pwnsause-122d ago (Edited 22d ago )

Glad Microsoft brought them out, I can see obsidian make a dope AAA title without Bethesda.

Those guys are pretty talented and underrated, exactly the type of companies that Microsoft should be buying

JesusBuiltmyHotrod21d ago

Only an idiot would praise the purchase of multiplat studios.

1-pwnsause-121d ago

ask that to telltale games.

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AK9122d ago

I called it as soon as it was announced he can’t even make a functional offline game how on earth was he supposed to be make a working online one?

Silly gameAr22d ago

Honestly, I'm just glad I didn't fall into the Bethesda hype back in the Fallout 3 days.

BlackTar18722d ago

You missed out fallout 3 was awesome but fallout new Vegas was much better which was made by obsidian.

Fallout 4 was pretty lackluster but fallout atmosphere and lore are amazing things.

Silly gameAr22d ago

Honestly I tried to get into Fallout 3, but I guess it just wasn't for me, and I didn't get it. The last game I bought by Bethesda was Skyrim on the 360. Couldn't get into that either. I just didn't like the games that they made. I like the games that they publish, though.

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