Games We Are Thankful For In 2018

Hardcore Gamer: Americans celebrate Thanksgiving every November. It’s a time when families gather, friends reconnect and communities unite. On Thanksgiving you announce what you are thankful for in life. So several staff members decided to let everyone know exactly which games they are thankful for. It is comprised of releases from 2018 and made up of a variety of reasons. Read on to see the titles everyone decided were meaningful enough to make the list!

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gamingunited24d ago

Being thankful for games seems really petty... why don't you donate some food or some blankets or shoes and socks so some family might be thankful for you.

HaveSumNuts24d ago (Edited 24d ago )

Well majority of games these days nickel and dime us with dlc, have no content, are broken/buggy, are multiplayer only full priced games, are absolutely terrible to play or have been released unfinished. For those games which are made by developers who actually give an F, who are passionate about what they are doing and want the gamer to have the best experience possible which shows in a full package end product. Well..... YES I'm thankful for those games and the creators of such.

gamingunited24d ago

Way to miss the point entirely.

PhantomS4224d ago

Games have done a lot of good in my life, helped with depression, brought me together with some of my closest friends and a few relationships, inspired me down my career path so yes, I will be thankful for games and developers who work hard to make these games.

TheGamez10024d ago (Edited 24d ago )

This is a video game site lol, why would it be wrong to say that we're thankful for games at a relevant place.
"Oh hey theres a sweet article talking about someone donating food and clothes to other people on a video game news site.'