SNK has announced a special Black Friday holiday sale of the NEOGEO mini

Legendary game developer SNK is pleased to announce a special BLACK FRIDAY holiday sale of the of the NEOGEO mini. Beginning November 23 – 26, NEOGEO super fans can receive a free additional gamepad when purchasing a NEOGEO mini on Amazon.

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CrimsonWing6925d ago

Gee, feel really great that I bought this when it launched... yessiree... feelin’... pretty... good...

TGG_overlord25d ago

Does that mean that it's good or just "meh"?

CrimsonWing6925d ago

I mean it’s cool for the novelty. It’s not something I’ll play much but I’m a Neo Geo fan so it’s a fun thing to have around. It’s just super lame to pay full price for something and like a month later it’s cheaper.

optimus25d ago

to be fair, the sale is that it comes with a control pad. not that it's discounted.


Such BS. So what about those of us who just bought the international version last month? We’re just screwed I suppose...

TGG_overlord25d ago

Wait, just wait...There was another version of the NEOGEO mini as recent as last month? For real?

optimus25d ago

yes, there are 2 versions. i believe they came out at the same time or the international version came out 1st (obviously not in the u.s.)... it comes with a few more fighting games than the u.s. version.


Yes the US version came out just last month on the 15th.