Spider-Man PS4 Bundle Is 'Scary Appealing', Sales Are Limited By Supply, Says NPD Analyst

We have already heard that Spider-Man PS4 bundle is selling out everywhere, but now new information has been shared by NPD Analyst ahead of Black Friday.

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FallenAngel198427d ago

I couldn’t resist the deal myself

I had to trade in my PS4 so I could get this one with twice the storage and a new game

UltraNova27d ago

Did you not play the game until now? Amd how much did you get for the old ps4?

FallenAngel198427d ago

@ Ultra

No I haven’t played Spider-Man since my backlog is so large. I was planning to get it once it got discounted but this deal happened so I took it

I traded it into Gamestop for $170 so I effectively paid about $40 for twice the internal space and one of the hottest games of the year

@ stan

Indeed it was

chris23527d ago

never mind the many ultraboring passages during the game. never mind the new game+ speedrun is tedious because of this boring game design. never mind that the only skill you need to platinum this is doing a lot of silly collectibles. never mind the game is a clone of these arkham games. but yeah, fanboy says hottest game of the year. blind brand loyalty is so embarrassing. in no way is spiderman a bad game, the blockbusterlike scenes during the end of the game are cool, it‘s just not game of the year material.

UCForce27d ago (Edited 27d ago )

@chris235 Hmm, you are blind hater. I can see why. You hate it because is overrated or just PS4 Exclusive ? Because you made a statement like that. You do have some agenda to hate PS brand. This game deserves GOTY material, my friend.

RizBiz27d ago

@chris235 Go back to playing Fortnite, pleb.

Razzer27d ago

lol....the only thing that was similar to Arkham was the incoming hit detection. The combat was so much richer. The moves and the gadgets were superior to Batman in every way. Hell, the verticality of the combat alone made Spider-man a better game than Batman. Calling it a clone is just being ignorant.

Sunny_D27d ago


Awww poor Chris, why are you so mad? Tell me what’s a better game then? All the Battle Royals games? Lmao

jukins27d ago

Not to mention a newer ps4 with a new warranty!!! Lol

UltraNova27d ago

Damn fallen thats a frickin steal if I ever saw one...

Realms27d ago

@ chris235

Who is claiming Spiderman is GOTY? I know I'm not it's a solid good fun game that has room for improvement. Which is more than I can say for RDR2 that was supposed to be the game of this generation and isn't even my GOTY. LOL

rainslacker26d ago

In the next few years, we may get an announcement of a game that can go against Spider-Man from Chris' preferred console.

Spider-Man is just fun. Content itself may not be super innovative, but it's fun to go around the city doing it...with the exception of a couple of the larger side mission stuff which luckily can be done relatively quickly.

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Neonridr27d ago

not a bad deal at all, I mean why not right?

I did the same thing with my OG Pro and turned it into a 500 million edition instead.. :P

darthv7227d ago

it is a rockin deal that I'd imagine many og PS4 users trading in to get or possibly adding an additional system to their home. I won't be trading in my release model... but I am getting one of these for my son.

I prefer the aesthetic of the shiny piano black to the dull matte finish but he wont mind it cause it will be his.

rainslacker26d ago

Kind of thinking I might get one for my cousin this holiday even though its too much to spend on him. But if I can convert him from the Xbox, it might be worth it. :) He's a huge comic book fan.

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Zeke6827d ago (Edited 27d ago )

"The Playstation 4 sold more units yesterday alone than it's been putting up most months recently.

And we havent even hit Thanksgiving / Black Friday yet. A lot of more casual consumers arent even aware the $199 PS4 deal is live yet."

WOW, this will be interesting to follow. Sony is crushing it and the real christmas shopping haven't even started yet.

UltraNova27d ago

I think its safe to say it has surpassed 90 million sold as we speak...

I can't definitely agree if Sony isn't in hurry to release the ps5...

rainslacker26d ago

Thanksgiving's newspaper is one of the highest selling days for print newspapers nationwide just for the black flyers.

Although, I think some of them were going out this past Sunday as well, and of course, the past couple years we've had this whole month long black Friday thing, where there are fewer one day specific deals to rush out for. But they still have the door busters which can be kind of good.

Me, I'm not going anywhere. I'm gonna sit at home and recover from Thanksgiving dinner, because we have a 2nd one on Saturday with the other side of the family.

Zeke6826d ago (Edited 26d ago )

Sounds like a much better way to spend Black Friday :D
Here in Sweden we have Black Friday too, even though it's an American "thing". I think it was last year they (all stores and online stores)started calling it "Black Week"... I guess in a year or two they call it "Black Month" and that kind of takes away from the fun feeling that you can actually make a good deal. And when it's not Black friday, it's CyberMonday, or Green Monday and whatever they come up with to take our money with all these so called deals.
Thankfully I'm old enough to have most of the things I like to have, so I just look for specific deals if I need, like when we bought a new dishwascher last year because the former one was really really old. And I usually buy a few games to my PS Pro. You can't have too big backlog, can you ?! ;) hehe

rainslacker26d ago

It's already a month long thing here in the states now. Most of the major chain stores have had really good specials for the past few weeks already. There are going to be a few more added door buster deals for Friday, but otherwise, I didn't have to wait until Black Friday to get some good deals. There just wasn't much I wanted to get this year, but the change allowed me to get my dad a TV for his birthday because they were so cheap.

mudakoshaka26d ago

But we in Sweden are really getting the bad end of it...I already have a PS4 pro. But when I look at the prices at GameStops site and other sites, not a single store is offering the PS4 Slim Spider-Man bundle for $199. GameStop has the same bundle for $420. They are freaking robbing us! Just like when the NES classic edition came out, it was going for $150-200, and when Nintendo decided to make more and not just a limited edition, the price went down to around $80. Just like the rest of the normal world. Taxes are high here, but not that it should be double the price. Retailers set the high price because they know that people have a good income here, and do not question these things too much.

saoco27d ago

Yes, fresh blood... bring on the noobs. He he he.

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