Mass Effect Andromeda: Revisiting BioWare's Worst Game After a Year

I made it a point to replay the original Mass Effect trilogy right before giving Andromeda another try, and the experience was...mixed

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phoenixwing22d ago

I'd hardly call it their worst game

parris22d ago

It's not even a bad game... it just got caught up in the bandwagon of the usual suspects.

haydenlake22d ago

but it is marred by bad decisions and toxic development.

Poopmist22d ago

It's close between this and Dragon Age 2

Saijahn22d ago

andromda is hardly a bad game, and far from their worst game. The first mass effect was rubbish in comparison.

pandehz22d ago

I beg to differ.

The first Mass Effect was so good that they had to make it a trilogy.

Go play it.

Sarcasm22d ago

and ME2 was the series high point. Definitely was one of the best games of its generation.

Casepb22d ago (Edited 22d ago )

No. The first ME will always be fondly remembered as a classic. Andromeda will mostly be remembered as a fuck up.

LrryLegend22d ago

The first Mass Effect was the best of the trilogy.

spicelicka22d ago

"In comparison"

Comparing a 2017 game to 2007 game..............

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ZaWarudo22d ago

I personally thought DA inquisition was their worst game. POS put me to sleep.

Andromeda had a lot of problems, but it had some pretty damn fun combat.

EmperorDalek22d ago

It's infinitely better than Dragon Age 2.

porkChop22d ago

Andromeda isn't perfect, but it's far from their worst game.

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The story is too old to be commented.