Super Robot Wars T for PS4 and Nintendo Switch Coming in English via Release for Asia

Following the recent announcement of the new Super Robot Wars game, titled Super Robot Wars T or Super Robot Taisen T if you like to use the Japanese Bandai Namco is publishingSuper Robot Wars T with English Subtitles to PS4 and Nintendo Switch in South-East Asia in 2019.

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ZeekQuattro27d ago

Awesome news. Switch it is then.

MWH27d ago (Edited 27d ago )

I wish they added Grendizer.

edit: "Breast Fire!" 😂

Abriael27d ago

Grendizer used to be in SRW long ago, I believe.

ZeekQuattro27d ago (Edited 27d ago )

He was in either SRW 3 or 4 on the Super Famicom. I can't remember as I haven't played those games in ages. I'm leaning more towards 3 as I played that one the most.

thatguyhayat27d ago

Lets hope it doesn't get censored on PS4

Segata27d ago

*Kenshiro voice pointing at game* "You are already censored!"

Abriael27d ago

What are they gonna censor? the Oppai Missiles?

DJK1NG_Gaming27d ago

Yup if there any. If there close camera Live 2D short animation zooming in on the boobs or ass. It will probably be adjusted