Rant: Fallout 76 wasn't worth my Redbox free rental code

This isn't a review. This is a warning to consumers that may get baited into a game that makes launch No Man's Sky look like Fallout: New Vegas.

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Tankbusta4028d ago

Release now, fix later needs to stop!

TedCruzsTaint27d ago

And even then, modders do the bulk of the work.

rdgneoz327d ago

@Ted and a bug from Fallout 4 was fixed by modders, yet in 76..

They let modders do the work and fix nothing.

Dragonscale27d ago (Edited 27d ago )

The way things are going for this travesty hopefully it'll be too late for fixes. This game should have been built from the ground up.

Shikoku27d ago

Wow that is strong hahah

FloydianAndroid27d ago

I’m so happy this game has failed. I hate it for the fans, but since the day this game was announced I just haven’t bought into the idea that this game was the plan for BGS. I am convinced they had planned on starfield being the next big game and when they realized it wasn’t close to being ready they just basically rehashed properties from fallout 4 and whatever the next fallout was gonna be and tried to cash in on the multiplayer craze.

I’m so sick to death of Howard trying to say glitches and bugs are humorous and charming. Just admit you suck and be better.

EazyC27d ago

They stopped really innovating...I mean, do you remember when Morrowind came out? Mindblowing, never seen a game like it before. Similarly, Fallout 3 was incredible when it first released. They became lazy and cynical in their approach, you really get the feeling they think lowly of their customers by trying to serve up slop like Fallout 76.

This game better be the kick in the teeth they need. Bethesda needs to start taking risks by investing in their IPs (and I mean that godawful engine, too) and truly innovating their single player experiences. Fallout 76 claims to be this "all-new" experience for Bethesda, but it's really already a dinosaur of a game (mechanically and story wise), just not good enough.

remixx11627d ago

Emphasis on that engine, that thing is ancient and there is no excuse to still be using it, hell that tired old cod engine has shed better than that thing

TedCruzsTaint27d ago

Morrowind and Fallout 3 were their last projects I respected. Elder Scrolls series only got worse; personally I think ESO is now stronger than their series releases, and Fallout 4 was a shadow of what the series is. At least they publish interesting games.

-T9X-69-27d ago

The problem I have with articles like this is when they compare them to games for different reasons. Fallout 76 and No Mans Sky are nothing alike. NMS devs lied saying tons of features would be available that weren't at launch but most if not all are now. Bethesda never lied. They were straight up about no human NPCs, different kind of Fallout experience etc. If that's not for you that's fine, don't buy it. That doesn't excuse the bugs and performance, but they never lied or mislead their customers with Fallout 76. Yet at least. Its ignorant to compare these two titles.

remixx11627d ago

As far as I'm concerned they both suck ass at launch so both deserve to bomb, I hate this release now and patch later bullshit

Cmv3827d ago

It's so different from a fallout experience, it doesn't even feel like fallout and it's so devoid of fun. And at launch nms was also not fun, so they can be compared.

-T9X-69-27d ago

Fun is subjective. Fallout 76 gameplay (not story telling) is exactly the same as its single player counterpart aside from items being balanced for MP. ESO on the other hand was a completely different experience that played absolutely nothing like previous entries. The quicker you learn your opinion of fun isn't a fact, the quicker you'll have meaningful conversations with people instead of looking like a spoiled brat that didn't get the game THEY wanted.

Realms27d ago

Nah Bethesda shit the bed it's a bad game designed as a cash grab to milk Fallout fans which is fine if they want to support this type of practice but impartial gamers don't need to hold our toungs it's a bad game IMO, and a lot of gamers seem to agree with that assessment.

-T9X-69-27d ago

It's a cash grab why? Because they made a game that doesn't peek your interest? An online only game made from a previously exclusive single player franchise? A game that will continuously be updated for free and instead of charging a monthly fee they offer cosmetics as an alternative that don't affect gameplay? All of these things are subjective and will ALWAYS make for a bad game to specific players. I don't see one person out here defending Bethesda for the mediocre performance and tons of bugs at launch. No one is denying that. The patch that came out yesterday was a HUGE step in the right direction (especially for performance) but they still have tons of work to do. No one is defending them in that regard. When you use terms that don't apply because the game isn't targeting you, that's where the problem lies.

Realms27d ago

What do you mean it's not a cash grab? They are basically using the Fallout name to sell this crap at full retail price. Just because you like the game and enjoy it doesn't mean that people can't disagree with you, I think Bethesda delivered a turd a broken turd at that.

-T9X-69-27d ago

How are they using the name? It still looks like Fallout, still plays like Fallout, still operates like Fallout, still massive with tons of places to explore with many hidden secrets just like Fallout. Why wouldn't it be called Fallout? If you said ESO was using the name and brand for a cash grab, there's justification in that even if I don't agree with it. Yes, I enjoyed (haven't played in a while) ESO. ESO didn't look like a ES game, didn't play like an ES game, didn't even feature have the functionality of a standard ES game and instead was more MMO with an ES skin. That's changed since launch, but at launch that's what it was. I still enjoyed it, but I wouldn't argue against someone saying it's a cash grab. Fallout 76 on the other hand plays EXACTLY like it's single player counterart. Yes the story structure and other elements have changed due to multiplayer but the difference is, Fallout 76 stays more true to it's core than ESO does to this day.

You're obviously entitled to your own opinion, but when you spew it without justification and your reply adds zero reasons and just reiterating yourself, then you don't really have an argument.

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