PS3 Firmware 2.51 Released for Demo Units, Retail Update Coming?

Usually PlayStation 3 Demonstration Firmware updates follow the official Retail console updates. Strangely, this time PS3 Firmware 2.51 was released for the Demo unit first.

This could be a result of conflicts with the Recovery Menu and the Demonstration unit itself perhaps.

The password to unlock PlayStation 3 Firmware 2.5 Demo units is 6258.

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chasuk083700d ago

So... What does this mean for us ? Nothing

SSJSubgeta3700d ago (Edited 3700d ago )

I rather have Sony test out firmware on demo models then our very own.
That way they know the firmware isn't faulty or could cause some slight problems as some users were having. Even tho its a small percentage its still there and cant be ignored. Our extra ginnie pig PS3 model bricked on us at the studio installing an update, but the recovery menu that was implemented brought it back. So its a safety feature Sony is implementing and trying to perfect. I wouldn't like to have to ship every PS3 we get and an update bricks ala RROD due to firmware failure.

Every firmware update regardless how big or small can impact a lot of things from system stability or development issues. Updates don't have to always benefit you the user with more options a little maintenance is always welcomed too.

MiloGarret3700d ago

Well said, seems like the proper thing to do to test it out on demo units first and then release it to the public. Like you said, the firmware updates are so regular that there is bound to be some issues sometime, so this seems like a good way to prevent those issues ever affecting the public. *Applauds Sony*.

Ms should do the same thing considering the live chrashes associated with the latest update.

mikeslemonade3700d ago

Lets Go Dark Alex Lets Go *clap clap*
Lets Go Dark Alex Lets Go *clap clap*

vitz33700d ago

This has nothing to do with DAX. Learn to read.

nos4speed3700d ago

hmmmm, I wont be downloading any random files that most likely dont even do anything. Im sure if it was really a major update it would be released already to everyone.

darthv723700d ago

I was trying to access the store from my psp the other day and was told I needed to update my fw. Go figure version 5.00 was just released and now there is 5.01. Must be released to fight the more recent custom 5.00 from dark alex.

I hadnt even seen anything posted about it.

Wolf26pack3700d ago

It was updated because people who were directly downloading off the PS Store from the PSP using 8 or 16GB Memory Sticks would get errors of the Memory Stick being full even though they were not. Here is the story...


HardcoreGamer3700d ago

Reason is i always get scared that the next firmware update my have severe problems in mass use and could cause system failures. im glad they check em before we get ours

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