Switch update out now (version 6.2.0)

The next firmware update is now live on Switch. Nintendo has started distribution of version 6.2.0.

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InTheZoneAC29d ago

trophies, chat without app, virtual console (not forced to buy games you've already purchased)?

MoshA29d ago

Homebrew Switch is better than a ps4 tbh.

Visceral8928d ago

God of war, Last of Us remastered, Horizon zero Dawn, Spider-Man, Bloodborne, Infamous,. PS4 can actually play demanding third party games like Red Dead and Black ops 4. A competent online service, psvr

dantesparda28d ago

Another pointless and pathetic update from slow ass, big time behind the times, Nintendo. Dont worry kids, you;ll get trophies and an actual online component next gen

AdonisIsBeast29d ago

Can’t believe trophies have been out over 10 years and they still haven’t implemented it.

PhantomS4229d ago

Because they are pointless and add nothing to the game.

fishaz78029d ago

If a game is multiplatform I will always buy on PS4 because it has trophies. If Nintendo Switch had them, I’d buy more games on Switch.

King_Noctis29d ago

You are right. Those things add nothing to the game (although it does feel good sometimes to get them).

Kosic29d ago

They add challenges that you may not normally have done..

fiveby928d ago

I don't see how Trophies hurt a game. They are additive. They don't detract in any way.

InTheZoneAC28d ago

Your opinion, and I thought you kids were all about inclusion these days. How racist of you to discriminate.

dantesparda28d ago

@ PhantomS42
"Because they are pointless and add nothing to the game"

And you know what else adds nothing to the game? Not adding them at all!

Nintendo fanboys are the most pathetic of them all. They like less of everything and pay more for it.

28d ago
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Segata29d ago

I hope they never add trophies.

DJK1NG_Gaming28d ago

You need a pointless checklist to finish a game?
Trophies and Achievements are nothing but hand holding you to complete a game.

Games back then didn't need such pointless checklist.

Teflon0228d ago

What? To hand hold? Have you played recent games or actually look at a trophy list. They don't tell you how to beat a game. They encourage you to 100% a game and reward you for it. I'd take that over 100% a game and getting a costume or a good job. It's about being able to do more. I have friends that beat a game and done. But he's plat 3 games he loved and got more out of it because he started doing more to eventually find alot he didn't realize existed. I know a person who played through Gravity Rush 2, and he got to the end of the games missions before you find out the truth. He was literally going to say the end and stop. Then said you know what I'm going to complete everything to get the plat and ran into the real end game by accident. All it does is reward you for being a completionist. As a person who's always been one and 100% games since SNES. I love trophies. When I 100% games it's because I love them and the trophies in those games I always grab 100% for unless they're completely ridiculous like do 5 barrel rolls at a single time in GTAIV. I said F that, I'm not about to attempt that luck based bs. As long as it's not extreme BS. It's always a great addon. It's the main reason I'd buy on ps4 over switch. It gives me even more to do on top of 100% a game. Stuff like in sonic beating stages in under a certain amount of time. Sonic CD for example have a time under I believe 35 minutes for all the stages put together in TT. I would never attempt that without a reason. But it made me try and gave me a easy reason to play more.

deafdani28d ago

That's just apologism speaking.

I don't care much about trophies / achievements, but come on. Clearly a lot of people do. Having them doesn't detract anything from a game, and it actually makes games more appealing for a lot of people. If you don't care about them, fine, but you don't speak for the majority of the gaming population.

rpgenius42029d ago

Just an update to try and stop the switch hacking lol