inXile to Grow 30% in Size After the Acquisition, Will Get to Decide the Games They're Making

Brian Fargo talked about life at inXile after being acquired by Microsoft and the company's plans to grow and keep making the games they want.

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KaiPow26d ago

Seeing Fargo helm a Wasteland 3 would be neat.

coolbeans26d ago

Would be?

Wasteland 3's been in development for a while and set to release next year. Here's the Fig campaign:

Jackhass26d ago

Nice to hear Microsoft is giving their new studios freedom -- micromanaging studios like Rare didn't work out well for them.

26d ago
darthv7226d ago

Rare... micromanaged...? Maybe you missed the part where Rare wanted to make SoT that way and MS gave them freedom to do so. Gave them all the time they wanted and still is supporting their vision of adding more content to an ever evolving game.

you certainly are living up to your name there 'Jack'

ccgr26d ago

Sounds like a win win, great to hear!

robtion26d ago

On the surface it sounds good. I just wonder if there are qualifiers such as: "make whatever game you long as it has online, dlc, microtransactions, etc"?

I hope thats not the case, I just have little faith in Microsoft's words. Time will tell.

Smokehouse26d ago (Edited 26d ago )

Good stuff MS. GET OUT OF THE WAY! It’s okay, I’m a limo driver!

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