Spyro Reignited Trilogy's lack of subtitles frustrates players, Activision's response makes it worse

Spyro Reignited Trilogy is woefully lacking subtitles, and Activision's response has not gone down well with the community.

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Snookies1226d ago

The lack of options really is a bit of a letdown. The game itself is really fun though, and beautifully remade. A few more small tweaks and this collection could have been something truly special. Granted, it still is for any fans of Spyro from back in the day. Loved every minute of it back then, and I'm loving every minute of it now.

TheGamingArt26d ago

Like turning off motion blur

Casepb25d ago (Edited 25d ago )

It does suffer from a heavy dose of motion blur.

SegaGamer25d ago

I noticed that in gameplay videos and was hoping it was just the video and not the game itself. I hate motion blur in my games, it should never be the default setting and we should always be able to turn it off. It messes up my eyes and makes me feel a bit sick after a while.

bouzebbal25d ago (Edited 25d ago )

are all 3 games on the disc ?please someone confirm...
and i hate games without subtitles. there are games where you can toggle subs on off. everyone should do that.

V10Elit3x25d ago

Physical copy of the game gives you the disc for first Spyro. The next two Spyro games you get codes to download them from PSN Store/XbLive Store

no_more_heroes26d ago

My hearing is fine, but not everyone has perfect hearing so subtitles are actually really important.

PhantomS4226d ago

There really is no excuse not to have them. My hearing is fine and I always play with them on. When I worked at gamestop I met plenty of people with hearing (some even completely deaf) and even seeing problems. One kid was nearly blind but went through games really fast and it was awesome. Activision doesn't care.

Eidolon26d ago

And what if it's late and you want to keep the volume low, but also want to know the dialogue.

Michiel198926d ago

they invented something magical for that, its called: headphones

Muzikguy26d ago

Headphones? No. That’s no answer to not having subtitles. I personally hate wearing headphones.

Eidolon26d ago

And what if you want to hear your surroundings?

Michiel198925d ago

@muzik I never said headphones were an answer to no subtitles

Muzikguy25d ago

Eidolon says

“And what if it's late and you want to keep the volume low, but also want to know the dialogue.”

You said “they invented something magical for that, its called; headphones.

The first statement was about not having subtitles and you suggested headphones. So yes

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Razmiran26d ago

Not just because of hearing, people not fluent no a language might need subtitles to double check they heard right

Neonridr26d ago

yeah not to sure their thinking there. Plus, is it really hard to make subtitles an option?

Eidolon26d ago

It would have delayed the game, and be another digital download.

25d ago
Eidolon25d ago (Edited 25d ago )

Saracasm.... With the purchase of disc, then Spyro 2&3 digital download requirement fiasco. The delay was not to shrink the other games onto one disc/set as people assumed. I was only making a light joke. Apparently it went over your head. Obviously it would be a negligible amount of data. You really think people are that ignorant and you're a genius to make this comment?

Weeblordbad25d ago

He has a Dragonball reference in his name, he thinks he is exactly that kind of genius.

littletad26d ago

Well I'm deaf, so they just lost a customer. It isn't mandatory, but it would have been greatly appreciated.

MWH26d ago

cutting corners will cut you back.

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