Twelve Years Later, the Nintendo Wii is Still Nintendo at its Best and Worst

The legacy of the Wii cannot escape its own aberrative nature. An incredible crest between the troughs of the GameCube and Wii U, the Wii represents Nintendo at both its best and its worst.

At its best, the Nintendo of the Wii era was capable of producing some truly special games and shaking up Sony and Microsoft’s pursuit of greater graphical capability with an emphasis on gameplay and accessibility over aesthetic.

At its worst, however, the Nintendo of the Wii era rebuilt its entire business model around a casual audience that often didn’t go past Wii Sports, short-changing the core gamers who, in most cases, serve as the heart and soul of a system’s launch.

If the GameCube served as a warning for a Nintendo that had grown increasingly insular, then the Wii served as a warning of a Nintendo more concerned about sales than building audiences through timeless experiences.

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PhoenixUp23d ago

“Of the top ten best-selling Wii games, only one, Super Smash Bros. Brawl, was what any observer could call a “core gamer” experience.”

You wouldn’t consider Super Mario Galaxy, New Super Mario Bros Wii, & Mario Kart Wii as core gamer experiences?

“While the Wii sold nearly a billion software units, the Wii U sold a tenth of that, surpassed by even the GameCube, a system that struggled immensely during its short lifespan.”

And Wii U clearly struggled more & had an even shorter lifespan than GameCube, so what was the point of bringing that up? Systems that sell lower don’t typically have higher software sales than systems hat have higher install bases.

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RosweeSon22d ago

Yeha I would mario Galaxy is one of the best games ever made.

tigertron23d ago

I really wasn't a fan of the Wii. It was pretty much a repackaged Gamecube with motion controls (I love the GC by the way).

It had some core games but again it suffered by having an inferior online service, weaker specs meant that the Wii had a lot of crappy ports from 3rd party devs.

From a business perspective Nintendo struck gold, but from a gaming perspective it really wasn't the hardcore gaming machine it should have been. It did have awesome1st party games like Mario Galaxy and Mario Kart however.

Imortus_san23d ago

Best nintendo console is the SNES and second best the DS that runs GBA games.