If Red Dead Redemption 2 is a PS4 and Xbox One milestone, do we really need next-gen consoles?

VG247: “To me, Red Dead Redemption 2 feels like proof that the current generation of consoles can do everything you could reasonably ask for a big-budget genre piece to do. The next generation could, I suppose, theoretically run the sort of game experiences that don’t exist yet, genres and styles that simply aren’t possible today. But I know, realistically, that’s not going to be what happens. Triple-A design never changes that severely, and we’re going to get games focused on pushing tech further above all else.”

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DeadSilence22d ago

Yeah we should be playing Ps1 author Lmao

instantstupor22d ago

I know, right? It's such a weird conceit. We had Red Dead Redemption on last gen consoles. They wouldn't be capable of a game like this. Most were as blown away by RDR1 then as many are with RDR2 now.

If we had the same mindset then as he does now, then we wouldn't have had RDR2 to begin with and this article kind of starts falling apart before it gets off the ground lol.

Axecution22d ago

I want friggen ray tracing on the next consoles, man

Ever since the Battlefield ray tracing demo blew me away, every time i look at water in red dead or spyro its so obvious that it only reflects whats visible on the screen

My gaming PC isn't top-of-the-line (1070) but it still can, from a technical standpoint, outperform my PS4 Pro. PS4 just has way better games.
My point is, if you gave the PS4 console a huge hardware upgrade (a ps5) we would start seeing stuff beyond anything we've seen before - even on pc - from the first-party studios

UltraNova22d ago


Dream much? RT on PC costs 1200 dollars just for the GPU that can barely run BFV with RT enabled at 1080p. RT on consoles? PS6 at the very earliest.

mikeslemonade22d ago

Like the people who said the graphics are already good enough on the gamecube so the Wii1 is good enough.

I was not impressed by Red Dead 1. It had nice scenery but the game was mostly empty. The consoles are actually still as usually lagging behind. I want 4K 60 frames, and the best console can only offer 4K at 30 frames.

DarkVoyager22d ago (Edited 22d ago )

“If Red Dead Redemption 2 is a PS4 and Xbox One milestone, do we really need next-gen consoles?“

It’s one game from a massively large and very talented developer. Other developers struggle more to make great looking and performing games. So yes we need next gen consoles. Period.

italiangamer22d ago (Edited 22d ago )

And dont forget that this will be their only game for this generation, coming out almost at the end of the life cycle.
So yes, I want a next gen PlayStation and another after that and another after that and another etc...

King_Noctis22d ago

I think we have rumor that Bully 2 is coming next year to the current gen console.

porkandshakes22d ago

But if other developers struggle with what they have to work with now, how will next gen help?

DarkVoyager22d ago (Edited 22d ago )

“But if other developers struggle with what they have to work with now, how will next gen help?“

Having significantly more powerful hardware to work with will allow them to achieve Native 4K and much higher stable frame rates much easier.

porkandshakes22d ago (Edited 22d ago )

Going to have to disagree. If developers are not as talented or as large as Rockstar and are struggling with the tools at their disposal now, I really don't see how more powerful hardware will help them in the future.

shaggy230322d ago


Developing games isn't like baking a cake, there aren't recipes telling you how to create a map or AI etc.

Its all dependent on your talent, you could have one developer create AI for a person and it works, but it's inefficient. Another developer could write the AI so it does exactly the same things, but is twice or three times as efficient.

That's the difference between the developers, efficiency.

Having more power means the less efficient developers will be able to make better games.

psuedo22d ago

@shaggy2303 you contradicted yourself. You say its all dependent on your talent. Then you say a better console will make better games. Has better power made M$ windows any better? Has a better console made the Fallout games any better? Has it made Bethesdas games any better?

RememberThe35722d ago

It's not a contradiction, less power leave less room for bloated software meaning it runs less efficiently, more power gives more room for bloated software meaning it will run more efficiently.

RosweeSon22d ago

Get better just because lazy companies like EA just go for sheer power for all cutscenes then game looks plays exactly the same anyway yet proper god developers like rockstar or say Nintendo who have inferior hardware can still bang out exceptional timeless classics why are next Gen consoles needed when they have plenty to use currently they just don’t because it’s hard to get the best out of older hardware but with the years they’ve had developing for it they should have no problems. Get better developers I say ;)

rainslacker22d ago (Edited 22d ago )

Graphics are not the nuts and bolts of game design. They are just what makes a game pretty or not.

Advances in technology allow for better game design. bigger worlds. More complexity. Potentially new designs.

While I feel this gen was mostly just hitting the same wall from last gen, it doesn't mean that keeping power where it is indefinitely is the way to go. More power, allows for more creativity....when it's used right.

More power should never be used as a crutch to write less efficient code. That is backwards thinking. Every dev should strive to make the most efficient code possible. We, as the consumer, should not have to pay for better hardware for the failings of the dev. Less talented devs, or those with fewer resources since it's not always about talent, should always strive to make the best product possible and bring their designs to life, not force them.

Hardware is what is there to enable the developers vision, and the developers vision should ALWAYS be limited by hardware. By doing so, that developer can strive to make the best game they possibly can, and continuously advance game design.

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RosweeSon22d ago

We need next Gen consoles because some developers are poor. Just because EA And Ubisoft etc yearly churn types might want it great developers like rockstar show it’s not needed like god of war on ps2 and gran turismo on ps3 Sony will have a couple of big guns to see out ps4 yet and I don’t mean stuff that’s been announced ie death stranding and days gone etc although they are also looking incredible. Next Gen consoles aren’t essential certainly not from Microsoft who have had more consoles than they have had quality exclusives this Gen.

jwillj2k422d ago

You’re describing a problem with the tools, not the hardware. you can make next gen games on current hardware if you have a big enough budget/talent. However if the software development tools are robust enough to be useable by different levels of devs then we could all potentially achieve RDR2.

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PhoenixUp22d ago

No matter how advanced a game looks, there’s always room for improvements

There’s many times I thought games reached their peak only to be proven wrong