Red Dead Redemption Shows Us It's Time For Games To Get The Same Recognition as Films

Arthur Morgan’s incredibe story in Red Dead Redemption 2 should be acknowledged as a masterpiece on the same level as cult classic movies.

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Inzo24d ago

The film industry is a dumpster fire overrun by the NPC progressives and sites like Kotaku and Polygon would love to see the gaming industry land on the same heap of trash so no, let the gamers give the games the recognition and get rid of gaming journalists.

blacktiger24d ago

agree, i know what you're saying, but most people are going to be blind and need an easy explanation when they ask

LucasRuinedChildhood24d ago (Edited 24d ago )

The intention of this "NPC" meme is to insinuate that anyone with progressive or liberal leanings has no mind of their own and is just parroting talking points. Do you not see the irony of mindlessly spreading this meme around without really questioning it? You're parroting a talking point that you didn't come up with.

I dislike the clickbait articles that we see from sites like Kotaku and Polygon and their interpretations of many events and topics. Not all liberals have the same outlook on the world. Your comment is really no different than saying that all right wingers are mindless racists and shaming everyone with conservative leanings for the existence of Breitbart and InfoWars. That simply wouldn't be fair. It would be narrow-minded and would show a lack of empathy and, to be quite frank, intelligence.

plmkoh24d ago

Most of those memes are created by basement dwellers who circle jerk on forums. Again the irony is the progressives are usually branded as white knights, so if they were heroes wouldn't that make everyone else the 'NPC'?

Coincidentally lvl 1 Slime monsters are also basement dwellers.

rainslacker24d ago


The intent of the meme is to categorize a group of people who spread their ideals through ineffectual means, and ultimately, make no difference in the real world, and it's double meaning that they are characters, who don't actually play....thus non playing customers who are characters.

We've been implying that many in these groups have no mind of their own for quite some time now, because all the rhetoric we hear from them is the same, and when something new comes, they all parrot it without much regard to any discourse on the topic.

While I might agree that most gamers are kind of the same way, at least we can discuss the topic and not all speak as if we all have the same viewpoint, and concede points when they're well founded. but ultimately, most of us think it's either not a problem, and the bigger problem is that people who make the most fuss, aren't even playing these games....thus non-playing characters.


White knight is used as a derogatory to insinuate that people follow a cause for no reason other than to seem virtuous. Not that they are heroes in any way.

The term white knight is actually something the extremist feminist would find offensive, considering that it implies that they need saving in some way.

Inzo24d ago

"Not all liberals have the same outlook on the world."

I never said they have, I am referring to the film industry but you are more than welcome to prove me wrong but you must also admit that the vocal liberals are using such a broad brush that it is tough not to place almost all liberals under the same category.

I am not on social media very often but from what I have seen from progressives, the meme or term "NPC" holds true because they literary all sound exactly the same.

bluefox75524d ago (Edited 24d ago )

Progressive =/= liberal, at least not in the classical liberal sense. True liberals are more like centrists, progressives are far left, and the NPC meme is more than appropriate for them. True liberals should be condemning progressives and the far left just like conservatives widely condemn the alt right.

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Skuibbles24d ago

These are naive daydreams. "Recognition" is attributed to supply and demand and the size of the market not how good you think an individual game is.

blacktiger24d ago

yes you are right but you are also missing the point

Skuibbles24d ago

I get the point and I'm saying it leads to more frustration and more entitled gamers being whiny about why "muh gamyz" aren't taken seriously that leads us into a vicious cycle.

kevnb24d ago

They do from the people who play them, but they still don’t have as large an audience.

LucasRuinedChildhood24d ago (Edited 24d ago )

I think it's a shame that we as gamers rarely articulate what makes a game like RDR2 so special to us. The dialogue around games a lot of the time is limited to "cool" and "super awesome". We should have deeper discussions about games, their artistic intention.(whether it be dialogue, the setting, the mechanics, etc) and how they made us feel. Games like MGS, Red Dead Redemption and Prince Of Persia: Sands Of Time haven't just stick with us for so long because they are "cool".

I've never heard another gamer talk about how much the ambient music enhances the experience of flying around Los Santos in GTA5 at night (especially with the dynamic camera). But like the music that accompanies your trek to Mexico in RDR1 ("So Far Away"), I know that gamers do actually remember and appreciate those moments. And it's unfortunate that many will never experience those moments because RDR is a video-game.

rainslacker24d ago

I've seen talk about how the music affects the mood in games like Nier or Xenosaga, or even FFXIII. Not every discussion is the trite that we see daily on forums. I'd say that overall, discussion on gaming has gotten worse in the last 10 years, because the things you mention used to be common place, back when games were still considered childrens toys by most. But now its all about other things involving politics or console wars. The fact that politics are brought into gaming almost daily is a good sign that gaming gets enough recognition for those who aren't involved in gaming recognize it for being significant to today's society.

william_cade24d ago

RDR2 is a fantastic game through and through

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