Super Mario Party Sells an Estimated 622,103 Units First Week at Retail

The party game from publisher Nintendo and developer NDcube - Super Mario Party - sold 622,103 units first week at retail, according to VGChartz estimates.

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Felix_Argyle_Catbro24d ago

Today I remind that Vgchartz pulls numbers out of their ass and has been known to do so for 10+ years.

Hilarious to see people still posting their numbers.

FallenAngel198424d ago

Wow Super Mario Party had a bigger debut than Forza Horizon 4

badz14922d ago

it's a Mario game, dude! people buy a Nintendo (anything) for Mario but not many are willing to buy Xbox just for Forza. the Wii U failed miserably but its Mario games, each one of them, are still the best selling games ever made and that's saying something.

EddieNX 24d ago

It's pretty fun but only managed to do about 5 hours as only occasionally play when friends come round. Not the sort of game I want to play on my own when some of the single player games in my backlog are screaming to be played.