Dead or Alive Xtreme 3 Scarlet Censored By Sony On PS4, No Changes For Nintendo Switch

Sony has censored Dead or Alive Xtreme 3 Scarlet on PS4 as seen on the game's official website, meanwhile, the Nintendo Switch version is untouched.

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ZaWarudo23d ago (Edited 23d ago )

lol okay.

Can someone tell Sony to get their f**** heads out of their asses? drop this ridiculous censorship policy and allow more companies to support crossplay/progression.

fOr tHE pLaYeRs

Born2Game8323d ago

Yeah. This is a game about fan service. And you aren't getting fan service so why even buy it........

Aura754123d ago

Vote with your wallet. Buy the version that is not censored. There's also a petition that has been slowly getting signatures. The significance of the petition to Sony is likely negligible, but it's worth a shot:

CaptainObvious87823d ago

It's because Sony recently relocated their gaming HQ to San Francisco, ie, the SJW hub of the world filled with deplorable NPCs that think they know better than you and think they have a right to police what you consume.

Very sad to say, but I don't see this going away anytime soon until Kas himself does something.

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SegaGamer22d ago

They allow beheading, mass murder and all other type's of violence, but a little bit of cartoonish boob jiggling and it's disgusting and needs you say, someone should tell Sony to get their heads out of their asses.

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isarai23d ago

THE HELL IS GOIN ON!? Sony has always been the lenient one when it came to censorship, now all of a sudden they go crazy with it? what happened?

TomatoDragon23d ago

Playstation HQ moved out of Japan and into California.

blackblades23d ago

So if the HQ got out of cali and into another state it'll be fine.

CaitSith23d ago

A lot of snowflakes in Commiefornia

Dragonscale23d ago

Yup. Silicone valley is sjw central.

rainslacker23d ago


You mean the porn capital of the world? Seriously, I doubt that was it, as even Sony Japan could still put a stop to this.

No one in California is putting pressure on Sony that they aren't putting on everyone else, and there is no reason for them to make up these policies even if they were getting direct pressure.

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JaggedCarpet23d ago

They’ve done stuff like this in the past. For example, Sony also censored BMX XXX when it came out, while Nintendo and Microsoft did not.

Chaoeron23d ago

BMX XXX was a really bold game, to be frank.

ShockUltraslash23d ago

SJW army has taken control of Sony.

ShamefulJosher23d ago (Edited 23d ago )

Sony censors and Nintendo does not...........WHAT???!!!!

rpvenom23d ago

I'm a sony fan boy, in the grand scheme of things.. this is minor... but I'm one of those people who actually enjoys fan service.. these moves make me more and more consider PC.. I just don't have the money for one.. but I always liked the idea of mods.. but at the same time the exclusives make me stay...

Blade9223d ago

Dude mods are so awesome for games like Onechanbara, Senran Kagura lol and fighting games. Nude mods rule! 😂

rainslacker23d ago

I'll play them on the Switch, and Sony can not make the license money from it. Same effect if you buy on PC. Eventually, devs will not bother releasing these games on PS, and then Sony can lose out even more. That money will make more of a difference to them than any moaning or petition will.

I won't swear off Sony just yet, but I won't just say "whatever" and keep going on. I'll complain, and make my opinion known, and I'll support these games elsewhere. Kind of a natural progression for me anyways, since I played most of these games on the Vita before anyhow.

Sony will lose millions in revenue every year, and while that may be a drop in the bucket overall, it's still something.

Maybe they'll reverse these policies going forward, because they haven't even made any kind of statement why they're doing this, and that's even more annoying than them doing it. It was so sudden that it was unjustifiable for the devs making games for the system about to release.

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rpvenom22d ago (Edited 22d ago )


Okay maybe minor was a poor choice of the word. The two accessories they removed from the game isn't a huge deal for me (in the grand scheme of things) is what I meant but yeah, as I mentioned, I still don't appreciate any censorship as I'm the guy who enjoys fan service.. That's why I say PC is a considerable option more and more.. I wouldn't even consider PC unless I have extra money for it or if Sony continues this and expands on this censorship

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Cobra95122d ago

There's a Spanish saying that translates something like "the birds are shooting at the scatterguns".

Rachel_Alucard23d ago (Edited 23d ago )

Good thing this is only being released in japan and when this gets out to japanese players sales will fail. At least noise from both sides should affect things

gamer780423d ago

they release in multilple languages and us players import from stores like playasia. So although its not distributed here people import games all the time even.

Valkron123d ago

Yeah, I’ve got DOA 3 Fortune, but I’m not importing this

plmkoh23d ago

This is a bull crap move. Moving HQ to California was a fatal move.