From NES to PlayStation Classic, Retro Gaming is Booming. But will it last?

Everyone craves the good old days, and companies like Nintendo and Sony are cashing in. But is this fad built to last or will our fixation with pixelated graphics come and go like mom jeans? Sales – and a look at who’s buying – show old games are here to stay.

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Kados28d ago

Retro gaming has "lasted" 40+ years, just in a different format. It is not going anywhere.

awdevoftw28d ago

I enjoy my original consoles to this day. It's really not retro to me.

chris23528d ago

i draw no fun in revisiting the ugly past. i am glad these times are over and done. it was fun back then because we had nothing else but living on nostalgia is not exactly healthy behavior. living on as in giving money for these no efforts.

rainslacker27d ago

Ugly past? there are plenty of good things in the past of gaming. Even the ugly can show us things if we try. I can replay old games and see how they affected modern games. I can still have fun when playing older games. I can play a game without being all bent on getting pristine graphcis.

There can be more to retro gaming than just nostalgia, and if people want to relive the past because they had good memories of it, then that's just fine. Who they give money to is their own business, and if we're going to start saying what people should spend money on, then given the rather varied number opinions on the subject, we might as well just close up all the gaming industry, and quit gaming because I can think of plenty of things which I think should go away before I'd say retro games need to die. Especially when those retro games don't hurt anyone.

spicelicka28d ago (Edited 28d ago )

I hope not. We all love older games and would love to keep on playing them, but the practice of sticking 20 measly games, that I can play on my browser, on a hipster looking console and charging up to $100 is not something I'll support. Not to take enjoyment away from people who are willing to pay that, but it's just not a justifiable price imo. Maybe I'd reconsider if that was re-evaluated.


I own almost all of the old systems NES Genesis Saturn GameCube N64 Genesis Gameboy act. I also on the NES and SNES classic and they're great little systems. I had a PS1 Classic on pre-order was super excited for it.

Then Sony crushed it with uninspiring games and no love and crappy ass controllers.

Cancelled my pre order

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