15 Years Later and Double Dash is Still the Best Mario Kart Game

GR: "Even though Mario Kart: Double Dash is 15 years old, and there have been some fantastic games in the series such as Mario Kart DS and Mario Kart 8 Deluxe, I have no doubt that the GameCube installment is the best Mario Kart game. Here's why the series peaked over a decade ago."

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PhoenixUp26d ago

I love how this game introduced multiple vehicles per character into the series, but I didn’t like how certain characters had clear advantages over the others because of their Special Items

affrogamer25d ago

It's great but MK8 Deluxe is the GOAT. It would be insane tho if they release an MKDD2 on the switch!

EddieNX 26d ago

Mario kart 8 is by far the best Mario Kart game by default of simply just being literally better in every way. Nostalgia aside it has by far the most content, best gameplay and best graphics in the series.

-Foxtrot25d ago

Deluxe yes, normal 8, no

Battle Mode was slap dash and unfinished in Mario Kart 8 so the core game is hardly the best

Double Dash didn’t need a new game to fix things so really it’s the better title

EddieNX 25d ago

I meant deluxe. It's clearly the best ever Mario kart. The whole double character thing was neat but not something every Mario kart game needs.

FallenAngel198426d ago

One thing I’d like to note is that Double Dash is the only game where Daisy ever says the line “Hi, I’m Daisy” and never again in any other title.

Yet anytime most people mention Daisy on the internet, they act like this is her catchphrase.

chris23525d ago

exactly what i am saying all the time. the n house lost it a very loooong time ago.

michellelynn097625d ago

Na. They still got it. You're in the minority on that.

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The story is too old to be commented.