Fallout 76 players launch 3 nukes at once, crash server

PC Gamer: This week we learned what happens when you launch one of Fallout 76's nukes at a fissure site: you spawn a really big, high level Scorchbeast Queen and a bunch of end-game loot. Well, the players who launched that nuke decided to triple their efforts by launching three nukes, one from each of the missile silos, all at the same time. They fired their nukes and aimed them at the same spot on the map. The video above shows the triple mushroom cloud.

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-Foxtrot24d ago

Good grief. Bethesda in a nutshell

How can anyone give this something above a 6/10 is beyond me.

italiangamer24d ago

The atomic mushrooms looks like shit, PS2 level of detail.

ButtAnihilator24d ago

I have to disagree, the explosion looks pretty nice, you gotta give the game at least that. It looks like it's using volumetric smoke, which is something that'd explode a ps2.

Nate4724d ago

Ya I noticed that too. Looks or not, it's 2018!

Gahl1k24d ago

Even Fallout 3's Megaton atomic bomb looked nicer and felt damn real and impactful, unlike this fart.

thatguyhayat24d ago

They do livee upto the name bugthesda

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n1kki623d ago

Above a 6. Read dead shouldnt have been above a 6. This shouldnt be above a 2.

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THC CELL24d ago

Cod nuke was better and that's saying something

pinkcrocodile7523d ago

This is what happens when a cr3tin with no dev skill judges a game without putting their brain into gear first.

ZaWarudo24d ago

Now i am become death, the destroyer of servers.

shaggy230324d ago

Its a Bethesda game, all Bethesda games are a buggy mess at launch. I mean linking the physics to framerate is unforgivable in this day and age. But even worse, to then "patch" it by limiting the PC version to 60 fps is just diabolical.

Bethesda should go under for this.

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The story is too old to be commented.