Gears 5 Features a Bunch of Innovations, 'Dramatic Contrast' Theme; Kait as Protagonist Was Natural

Rod Fergusson said that Gears 5 will feature a bunch of innovations and 'dramatic contrast' as a theme. Making Kait the new protagonist was a natural decision.

He also provided brief updates on Gears Tactics and Gears Pop!.

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Nu24d ago

Mexican gamer's are the most passionate about the series including all of Latin America. Most of the people who I play against seem to be from Mexico.

slate9123d ago

Very true. Played with a lot of folks from mexico back in my gamebattle days.

Nu22d ago

@Gahl, maybe it's the violence that attracts those of Aztec or south American decent

FallenAngel198424d ago

Mic interested in how this will turn out

Alexious24d ago

I hope they make Gears Tactics for Xbox One as well.

King_Noctis24d ago

There is a very good chance that this will happen since KB and mouse can now be used on the X1.

KaiPow24d ago

I still can't believe Gears is what they chose for the first game based off the Pop toy line.

badz14924d ago

what else is there? the only other option is Halo. they can't POP Forza

Baza24d ago

Interesting to see how receptive the gears community is to a female lead. Battlefield V got ripped to shreds

King_Noctis24d ago

BF V set in a realistic setting, so its no wonder why it got backlash. Gears is fantasy at best, so I think it will do just fine.

Mainman18724d ago

It'll do Gears Judgement numbers.

Dreamcatcher4523d ago

It will probably not do as the most famous iterations, but come on man.

ImGumbyDammit24d ago (Edited 24d ago )

I think you completely missed the point of why Battlefield V got ripped to shreds by regular players of the game. Taking a historical event and reimagining it with PC feelings (eg females being an intricate point on the front line when that was not even close to being reality) was just a small part of it. (Yeah, I get it there were some actual Russian fighters somewhere during WWII.) It didn't help that with the Mad Max war paint, and the bionic man arm pieces running around and such. And even more was the response from the developers when confronted with all this that told the players to "F' off and not buy it they had problems with their take". There is some expectation of reality (even just a little) for games that portray themselves as realistic WWII games.

Now C\contrast that with Gears or any other game that is not based on historical fact. Wait... You do not actually believe that Gears is based on some actual events? I hope not. The characters are actually part of the game not added as to appease some obvious PC agenda. The very first Gears had women running the battlefield (so it has long been established - in this fantasy/sci-fi game that women fighters played a role). Furthermore, Kait was an intricate part of the last Gears game. Once again made up world vs historical fact.

No one had problems with Star Wars Battlefront, another Dice game, with women taking combative and lead roles. So, the point isn't about women at all. You can take the Wolfenstein series another game with WWII basis as an example as well. No one gives that game a second thought about the similar issue because (even with women and robots and the like playing combative roles) it purposely takes a historical event and makes it into an alternate reality and pretends to be nothing more. I don't think anyone would have had a similar reaction they had to BFV if Dice had taken a similar approach of basing it on a known historical event and made it a completely new alternative timeline. In fact, I think that BFV with a wild alternate historical timeline view would have been crazy fun.

Profchaos23d ago

I don't think that matters in a fantasy universe so much as a WW2 era title.

I'm completely fine with it I actually am looking forward to gears 5 JD had a fairly dull personality so I'm glad he isn't the main again.

I'm more so looking forward to full blown mo cap making gears more like uncharted or tomb raider in character movements would be huge (obviously not climbing stuff) but it's those little motions that you see protagonist and characters take in other games that helps breathe life into a story it will help gears overall

rainslacker23d ago (Edited 23d ago )

Maybe that's a good indication that people didn't have a problem with the female lead, but with the context by which it was included. Kind of like most people who had a problem with it said they had no problem with women in games.

Plus, I don't think ms is doing this with some sort of SJW agenda. More likely they just felt she was the more interesting character. I don't think ms is so oblivious to think that adding in a female character will attract a bunch of female gamers to a game set in a dark future where you tear aliens apart with ridiculously oversized and overdesigned guns.

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BeardedDrachen24d ago (Edited 24d ago )

Kait looks like a boring character.

Profchaos23d ago

So was JD I'd prefer to play as kaits uncle even if 50 percent of the game is drinking minigames

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