Xbox One X vs PS4 Pro: Which 4K console should you buy right now?

Trusted Reviews writes: "PS4 Pro vs Xbox One X – Which is the most powerful console? Should you buy a PS4 Pro or Xbox One X? Trusted Reviews takes a detailed look to help you pick."

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DarkVoyager28d ago (Edited 28d ago )

PS4 is the best gaming console. It’s all about the games and PS4 delivers!

Aeery27d ago (Edited 27d ago )

PS4 pro + Pc.
There is no reason to own a failure such as xbox.

27d ago
UltraNova26d ago (Edited 26d ago )


"You could say its nice that MS doesn't hide their games behind needing to own a proprietary device isn't it? "

Well what I can safely say is that if MS didn't get their ass handed to them for decades on end then they would never be so "nice" to make their exclusives multiplatform. Desperate times bring desperate messures, I guess.

"However, I would hardly call the Xbox One a failure. If your basing that purely on sales numbers are you then also saying PSVR is a failure?"

Since when console sales are directly comparable to VR's? Something tells me your all time favorite game was Halo:...Reach. Get it?

As for the question at hand, there was only one answer since 2013, the ps4. Getting this late into the gen you should want to get the most out of it and still get support (games) to the end. History tells us that Sony supports their consoles to the very end of the gen when MS abandons theirs 1-2 years prior.

Its an easy choice.

Babadook726d ago

Xbox one x offers 40% more power. Ps4 offers 400% more quality exclusives.

shiva126d ago

To all the replies.... Topic is neither on base consoles nor on PC. Its purely for pro and x which most of them not understood i guess.

UltraNova26d ago (Edited 26d ago )


This is the N4G, anything is permitted!

Unspoken26d ago

PS4 pro would be the failure. Half baked mid gen upgrade and over priced. Poorly optimized games to boot. Sony is literally pooping in your shoe and you think it's gold. Lol

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Septic28d ago

If it's 4K you're after, the X is no brainer. Then a vanilla PS4 for the exclusives, (unless you can have a Pro and X)

Thundercat7727d ago (Edited 27d ago )

And then you analize market data and realize people are not buying the Xbox one X. PS4 is still the preferred choice.

No brainer.

ILostMyMind27d ago

If it's 4K you're after, don't buy a console.

S2Killinit27d ago (Edited 27d ago )

Even if you take cost out of the equation, you should not be getting an X because if you are this late to jump into the generation you probably want to keep your console for at least 2 years of gaming, in which case you owe it to yourself to play the best games of the generation in that short time. Therefore you need the PS4 since some of them are Playstation games. Why limit yourself for the sake of a slight graphics upgrade when some of the best looking games of the generation are Playstation exclusives anyway.

Then you factor in the cost, and, well, it would be silly to end up with an X when you could get the Pro.

Unspoken26d ago

The Xbox One X is definitely the choice to make with 4K for consoles. The games look amazing on 4K TV's! Just buy a PlayStation slim for $200 for exclusives as support for the Pro is much weaker, and glitchy, looking at you mass effect, than Xbox Enhanced games. The Pro is just not worth the money.

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ZeroX987627d ago (Edited 27d ago )

At this point in their life cycle, I would say neither one.
Considering Sony is already preparing the ps5 for a possible late 2019 (but more probably 2020 as to my guess), that doesn't give much time between now and the next upgrade. X2 (or whatever MS will call it) shouldn't be too far behind either.
So instead of investing in a pro/X, I would buy either the regular ps4/X1 and wait for the new generation.
With all those black friday deals, should be able to get a very decent price on the regular consoles.

Cmv3827d ago

If you have to choose, it will always be about games. That's a preference. But I agree, its late in the life cycles to recommend either pro or x. If you don't have a current gen console, get the base models and save the cash for next gen.

timlot27d ago (Edited 27d ago )

Better to invest in an X or a Pro because they will have a better value come trade in time. You get a Pro or X on blackfriday and save $100. They will still get you back at least $250-$300 in trade in value a year from now. You'd be lucky to get a $100 in trade in value a year from now on regular xb1/ps4.

kayoss27d ago

Why not get one on black friday? With the game library for the Ps4, you are set until Ps5 is released. Its a win win for you.

FinalFantasyFanatic26d ago

Well, the PS5 may not have a great deal of games to choose from in it's first year, so potentially, you could have 3 or 4 years to enjoy that Pro.

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Saranya27d ago

LOL I knew it, you are here for this :D

itsmebryan27d ago

Is that really the answer to the question? It say which 4k system when the Pro can't really do native 4k?

FinalFantasyFanatic26d ago

The Xone can't really either unless we're talking classics like 360 games.

Elda27d ago

Your comment is vile & disgusting!!

Why o why26d ago

Typical inbred fuzzy logic thankfully. .you don't represent the Xbox fanbase on the whole.

TheHan27d ago

Whoa there buddy how much did Sony pay you to be their spokesperson?

TheSaint26d ago

If you want to wax lyrical about resolution and frame rate buy a One X, if you want to play some of the best games made this generation, buy a PS4.

Tapani26d ago

Just look at the games you want to play. I've been thinking about buying a PC, but I just cannot find a must-have exclusive that doesn't work well-enough on PS4 Pro to justify putting down $3000. Probably will just opt to wait for PS5 in 2020, and pay $350 difference for the upgrade after selling Pro. Don't need a great GPU or CPU to run web browsers, plus my TV has 4 cores and runs 4K Netflix / Youtube out of the box. I just hope PS5 will have two SKUs, one with disc-drive and another without, where latter will be my preference.

iplay1up226d ago

Don't be a fanboy. X, is the "best gaming console" it is the only true 4K console. Red Dead 2, proved that. Microsoft just bought a few development teams too. Games Pass, now has 200 games that I can play, too! Gamers, are coming back to Xbox.

rakentaja26d ago (Edited 26d ago )

In some point in your life you will (probably) understand that you can't rate an opinion. It's a personal viewpoint. There's no best controller as well since every people see it differently...results are varied. All the Miss Universes and so on are 100% show like wrestling and nothing to do with the real world. The girl next door looks more beautiful than Miss World, so for me it is not true, it's just entertainment, like your comment :)

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purple10128d ago

Is this even a question? What a silly article.

Unspoken26d ago

6 TF and 12GB of memory, hmm I wonder.

FallenAngel198428d ago

I’d rather wait until next gen to even get remotely interested in 4K gaming

Apocalypse Shadow28d ago

Which one has the new Spider-Man on it?

DarkVoyager28d ago

The same one that has God of War on it.

Starman6927d ago

Is that also the console that has naughty dog making games for it? Lol

Thundercat7727d ago

You mean the same one that has Horizon Zero Dawn and will have Days Gone and The Last of Us 2?

Yes. That is the one. No brainer.

darthv7227d ago

If you mean the game then Pro. If you mean the movie in UHD 4k then the X.

I kid... I kid

xRacer74x27d ago

Which one has the best racing games.

SolidGamerX27d ago

That's subjective. Some people prefer a true sim experience, others prefer an open world.

mcstorm27d ago

Xracer74x for me forza horizon 4 and forza ms 7 beat DC and GTS but that's my choice other people with think different but for me the Xbox has the best racers and the reason I went xbox over PlayStation this gen.

FinalFantasyFanatic26d ago

I prefer Ridge Racer, but I'm pretty sure that series is dead now.

Bhai27d ago

@Srhalo, 0-k hahaha :D

darthv7226d ago

the movie is, but the game is not.

mysterym26d ago

The same one that forza horizon 4 on it... oh hang on...

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