NVIDIA GTX 2060 Delayed; To be based on Turing Instead of Pascal Refresh

NVIDIA's stocks dropped by 18% and team green is blaming the oversupply of older Pascal cards which is expected to last for at least one to two quarters.

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instantstupor25d ago (Edited 25d ago )

It would be better for them to blame "oversupply" of the older cards - that makes it seem like a short-term, solvable problem. But the 18% dip shows what everyone knows - as great as the tech in the card might be, the value isn't there for what they are asking. The lion's share of that value hinges on all the non-rasterization based tech taking up space on those huge silicon wafers.

We're seeing people struggling to want to pay for it when only small portions of the environment can use ray-traced reflections, and yet it still causes performance to tank to sub 60fps at 1080p even on the mighty (and mighty expensive) 2080Ti - enthusiasts who pay that kind of money don't expect that kind of performance, and generally aren't interested in dealing with it. And when the general consensus whispered online is "buy a new/used 1080 or 1080Ti instead", yea, you're going to have a bad time.

Hopefully more RTX titles come out to prove the worth of the tech, and the cost comes down. Eventually the cards will get in more hands, but I think it hinges way more on price and support than "oversupply" finally drying up.