GameStop's Early Black Friday Sale now live

GameStop's Early Black Friday 2018 Sale has gone live with deals on PS4/Xbox One consoles, accessories and games.

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Kabaneri24d ago

Black Friday is a nightmare if you work in retail.

NapalmSanctuary23d ago

I worked K&B toys during black friday back in 2002 (same day I got my first Gamecube). Will never do it again. I'm a restaurant guy, so I was particularly unprepared.

2pacalypsenow24d ago

Gamestop opens at 3pm on Thursday, fu**** scumbag company.

Guess everyone can enjoy thanksgiving breakfast.

Why do they even call it black Friday? All stores open on Thursday now.

XxCptJoxX24d ago (Edited 24d ago )

Because the last Thursday of November was officially given the Thanksgiving name and besides, Black Thursday sounds terrible.

agnosticgamer23d ago (Edited 23d ago )

Deals never really started on Thanksgiving until the last 5 years or so... all the big deals and doorbusters use to start on Friday early morning (the Friday after Thanksgiving)... But it's not really the case anymore... Heck MS has already started the sales on all their Xbox bundles and their Xbox Live game deals... It's black Friday.. because of "Black" ink or in business... Black ink means you're making money.

rainslacker23d ago

It is really screwed up that people can't just wait until Friday to do their Black Friday shopping. Two days a year, Thanksgiving and Xmas, where family is usually a big thing, and I feel bad for those employees that get roped into working even when they don't want to, because places like Wal-Mart don't really give much of a choice once the volunteers take up the spots.

BLow24d ago

My backlog is massive but I'm going to get Detroit for $20. Can't pass that up!!!

Jls123d ago (Edited 23d ago )

Just picked up horizon zero dawn complete edition brand new with plastic for $10 best deal

Fist4achin23d ago

Wait, in plastic from GameStop without that circular shaped sticker?!

PhoenixUp23d ago

That’s where I bought the PS4 deal

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