Phil Spencer Shares His Excitement For Civilization VI On Nintendo Switch

X Box CEO Phil Spencer takes to Twitter to talk about his excitement to play Civilization VI on the Nintendo Switch

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Felix_Argyle_Catbro23d ago (Edited 23d ago )

Good guy Phil. No wars, just gaming. Console wars are sometimes funny, but most of the time they're shit.

parris23d ago

He's full of crap. "Will be nice to make those long plane flights seem not so long" It's been available in a portable form on tablets for a year

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thatguyhayat23d ago

He always is, its the die hard fan boys that see him as the second coming

Madmoose22d ago

Yeah, but I guess they're sexy because they get more attention. There's nothing wrong with banter here and there or even having your bias. However, it's when you go overboard that there"s an issue. And the bullshit is that a certain base is allowed to go around shiting on the competition where as if others do close to the same to their precious box you get piled on or even punished FFS. It's like even those who are supposed to shield us from this are in on it for real.

yarbie100023d ago

He should probably explain why he can't play it on Xbox

TheColbertinator23d ago

He doesn't want it competing with the other Xbox One exclusives like

Switch4One23d ago

Ori and the Will of the Wisps
Gears 5
Crackdown 3
Halo Infinite?
Why would Civ VI be a threat to those? And what's the reason it's not coming to PS4 for that matter?

TheColbertinator23d ago


Thanks for making a list of Xbox One/PC exclusives. I was simply too busy.

Between all those great games on Xbox,not sure why anyone would want Civ 6.

I don't know. Ask someone who owns a PS4. Until then I will be right here waiting for you.

sinspirit23d ago

You know what? You're totally right. I mean, why does Civilizations even exist? There are plenty of other PC exclusives. Why would anyone want another optional title to buy? Especially, the stern XBox crowd won't want it either. It doesn't lack games because of laziness and false direction. It's just too good for 'em. /s.

Neonridr22d ago

well.. you can't play it on PS4 either, to be fair.

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Benjaminkno22d ago

I really want it, but I’m not paying $60.

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