What's The Best Way to Play Pokemon Let's Go?

TV or handheld? Joy-Con or Poké Ball Plus?

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Darkborn28d ago

Handheld for sure. I played it initially on my TV, but the single joycan just feels weird.. The stick placement isn't good for left hand, and the right joycon feels weird to run around with. Also, tossing poke balls sometimes randomly misses for absolutely no reason.

execution1728d ago

Plus it doesn't register correctly at times especially if you have a phone near by

Servbot4128d ago

Only Nintendo could screw up a control scheme this bad.

King_Noctis28d ago

But there are multiple control schemes and ways to play.

Darkborn28d ago

Imagine if Rockstar released RDR2 on the switch too.

zombiewombie28d ago

The best way is to play leaf green or fire red. ;)

PhantomS4227d ago

I absolutely love it on the TV but maybe because I'm so conditioned to play it on handhelds I find myself playing it that way more. Then I end up either watching TV while playing or playing it and another game at the same time switching between matches.