The PS4 Is Far From Dead

With the news that Sony won't be attending E3, there's been speculation of whether the PS4 is dead and Sony is on the out. Here's why we don't think it is.

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kingtoby208129d ago

Can't wait for Sony to announce the PS5 and new exclusives at PSX 2019

lxeasy27d ago

who said ps4 is dead? they just released spiderman and god of war...

UltraNova27d ago

Plus GoT, Death stranding and tLoU 2 are still coming... people who say the ps4 is done are clowns.

Dragonscale27d ago

Because some are desperate. Just because they're skipping e3 it automatically means bad things lol.

stefan_77126d ago


Why are you next gen fanboys so into setting yourselves up for disappointment?

LucasRuinedChildhood27d ago

The PS4 is significantly outselling the Switch. It's odd that this translates to "The PS4 Is Far From Dead" in the demented minds of clickbait games "journalists". No shit, Sherlock. It will cross 100m sold within the next year.

bluefox75527d ago

No one, but then they wouldn't have a click bait headline if they were being honest.

stefan_77126d ago

The entitled idiots who have decided PS5 is coming next year

DeadSilence29d ago

Sony is on the out after selling 100M consoles, makes sense author.

The only thing on the out is your career as journalist.

BeardedDrachen27d ago (Edited 27d ago )

The console will probably be around until 2026. PS3 was just DC'd after 11 years of being on the market.

Shikoku27d ago (Edited 27d ago )

The PS3 was on the market that long to try and recoup some money from the disaster it was, Sony didnt make any profit on the Ps3 until 2010 so for 4yrs Sony lost between 225-305$ pre unit. The Ps4 is a different story so I doubt it will be around until 2026.

Kakashi Hatake27d ago

PS2 was kept around just as long and is the most successful console ever. PS3 wasn't kept around long just got profit, it's just what Sony does with their home consoles.

Silly gameAr27d ago

The PS3 was on the market that long for the same reason as the PS1 and PS2. Sony was still supporting those systems even after the next iteration was out.

FyBy27d ago

It is not nonsense. There are 80 million people with PS4 now. Also developers will no simply switch development to ps5. They can't ignore huge PS4 base when ps5 is here. Lot of people buy console after 3-4 years on the market. And if ps5 will be BC (it makes sense not only for huge PS4 library but also for continuity of psvr), PS4 can still be sold many years as cheap alternative.

Shikoku27d ago (Edited 27d ago )

Love the morons in the comments that are clueless. The Ps2 was kept around because of its low production cost and high sales numbers. The PS1 also was kept around for its low production cost. Ps3 was a loser for the jump thats why it was around that long jesus research stuff before opening you uneducated mouths.

lodossrage27d ago


You're calling them morons for their reasonable comments. But you are the one moving the goal post here. First you say the PS3 was kept around for x amount of time to recoup cost. Then you say the PS1 and PS2 were kept around because they cost so little.

So according to you, you have two systems that were cheap to keep around. Then one that was too expensive to let go.

You can't have it both ways here man. Either way , they're still right, Sony doesn't give up on their systems right off the back. Now if they let the PS4 stick around for numerous years after the PS5 release, what will be your rationale for that then?

Dragonscale27d ago (Edited 27d ago )

Thats so wrong its almost funny. They always support their older systems for a while after a new gen unlike certain other gaming companies.

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Dragonscale27d ago

Really? Hope you got some salt to put on that crow pie you're gonna be eating.

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