Paladins And SMITE To Receive Cross-Play And Cross-Progression On Switch, Xbox And PC

PS4 a no-go despite being "technically ready"

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Kiwi6630d ago

So some more games that will have crossplay but not with Sony again

slavish029d ago

U can tell by the announcement Sony policy is why they aren't here or mentioned. This isn't a exclusive feature. Hopefully they will be more open.

ZaWarudo29d ago

fOr ThE pLAyeRS.

smh i'm a PS4 user who actively plays both Smite and Paladins, Smite especially with over 900 hours played. Our PS4 community isn't the largest and having crossplay/progression would help tremendously.

The whole crossplay/progression thing is still in "beta" with Fortnite, but what the hell is taking so long?

Kaze2429d ago

What you mean, don't all ps4 users rave about 75 million ps4 units sold? That's all I hear that they don't need any cross-play since they got plenty of folks to play with..

starchild29d ago

75 million is great, but so is 30 or 40 million. That's a hell of a lot of people in either case. The problem is, only a very tiny fraction of that actually play any given game. I've never seen a game that wouldn't have benefited from a larger player base.

DJK1NG_Gaming29d ago

Well Sony isnt fully on board.

STARS29d ago

Don’t think you should be criticizing Sony for anything online related when Nintendo can’t even do VC online without using cellphones. LOL. Get bent, kid.

Shiken29d ago

But can Sony play games other than Fortnite with other console players?

DJK1NG_Gaming29d ago (Edited 29d ago )

Wow yall really get heated of such simple comment.
"Well Sony isnt fully on board."
Like are you guys little kids or something just because I mention your lord and savior Sony?

OMGitzThatGuy29d ago

They were only on board with Fortnite because they were actively being called out for it and it is the biggest game out. They made it seem like it would be on a case by case basis yet Fortnite 2 months later is still the only game to feature it.

rainslacker29d ago

So they're going to go into a beta to try and make sure its done right instead of just some hodgepodge of developers doing their own thing. Create tools which all developers can use to make it easier. Just to not even go through with it?

Sony is nothing if not pragmatic with how they implement things. I doubt they're going through all the effort with Fortnite, just to have all the criticism come back on them later. That just seems like a waste of their time.

tanukiesuit29d ago

Just another reason for you to complain incessantly when you don’t “care” about PS. Move along with your fake concern.

DJK1NG_Gaming29d ago

"Well Sony isnt fully on board."
Who complaining?
Me or you.
Because I can ensure you nothing I stated shows any sign of complaints whereas you just cant help it and complained.

tanukiesuit29d ago (Edited 29d ago )

No complaints from me, just pointing out your hypocrisy.

And you should be glad the “censorship” is dragging the ESRB rating down to E (in some cases) now you are within the age limit to play those types of “games”.

Septic29d ago

Translation: "Leave Sony ALONE!"

Jrios35529d ago

Maybe crossplay for Sony isn't entirely ready to go on board. They recently just started testing it out with Fortnite unless there's been progress.

DragonbornZ29d ago

Has there been any reason stated as to why they arent on board or why they have to test anything? Nintendo and Microsoft don't do any test like this. Definitely internally, but I don't understand this.

neocores805529d ago

LoL why yall basing SONY for??? I am sure it wil lcome in time. You xbox people need to talk about why u need to have XBOX LIVE to play a FREE 2 Play game. You talk about FOR THE PLAYERS but XBOX still making yall look dumb asf

deafdani29d ago

Dude, all cards on the table: all companies have dumb shit regarding online practices that need to be addressed (and all of them have been mentioned in the comments here):

1. Nintendo can't implement voice chat on their own without the help of a stupid phone app (een though third party games like Fortnite have in-game voice chat on Switch, no app required)

2. Microsoft puts free to play games behind the Live paywall as you mentioned.

3. None of the above changes the fact that Sony is not fully on board with cross play, and they deserve to be criticized for this. So, the above criticisms against Nintendo and Microsoft just aren't relevant to this discussion because this article is about crossplay, which is the area that Sony is at fault at, not the other two companies. You trying to deny this by talking about other companies' unrelated problems only amount to deflecting. Demand more, man, cross play is a good thing to have.

Unreal0129d ago


Excellent unbiased post. Couldn't agree more, people need to be united in calling out companies when they start falling behind in certain areas. Cross play needs to happen, Switch drastically need a better online service and Microsoft need to remove that paywall.

starchild29d ago

Agree on all of that. Great post.

rainslacker29d ago (Edited 29d ago )

Took MS about 10 years to get on board. I think we can give Sony more than a few months while they do their beta.

If you didn't know, Sony actually is implementing API's which any developer can use, so the developers can use them like they use their other cross play API's, and streamline the compliance process.

porkandshakes27d ago


Do you have a link for this?

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Stuee198229d ago

Microsoft have stated they are doing away with the paywall for free to play games

porkandshakes27d ago

So no one should talk about Sony not allowing crossplay because MS still locks F2P games behind a pay wall?

Exactly who is dumb af with that type of logic?

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