Fallout 76 first impressions: "Entirely underwhelming"

Fallout 76 is the next step in the franchise, but it's a mess

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marioJP8724d ago

It's time for a part 5 with an entirely new engine.

anonymousfan24d ago

yup! But I would personally prefer an Elder Scrolls game first... sadly both The Elder Scrolls VI and Starfield are confirmed to be using the same outdated engine...

Elwenil23d ago

I don't care what they do first, I just want the end product to be worth the goddamn wait.

marioJP8723d ago

They clearly only care about the money they're making from their games and not updating its engine.

Chexs199023d ago

You sure about the engine? I think I read somewhere, that they confirmed development using a new engine? :O

If true, it's gonna be a sad God damn display man. The engine is like 15 years old at this point or somethin' -_-