Hitman 2's First Level Is Not A Huge Sandbox But A Throwback To Its Linear, Story-Focused Past

With Hitman 2, IO Interactive has established a new formula for the Hitman series. Starting with Hitman 2016, the game is focused on giving players huge sandbox levels to allow players, playing as Agent 47, the freedom to kill in any way they can think of.

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porkChop29d ago

Absolution was really the only "linear" Hitman game. The series certainly used to be more story-focused though, and Absolution was undoubtedly the best as far as story goes.

CrimsonIdol29d ago (Edited 29d ago )

I have been a huge fan of Hitman since Silent Assassin (the actual Hitman 2, damn broken numbering systems) and the 2016 Hitman was a fantastic return to form, not some sad departure from "past games". Like, sure, there were stories being told in Silent Assassin, Contracts, Blood Money ...but they sure as hell weren't the main draw card for me, the levels were. And the points where Hitman has pushed it's story to the detriment of it's open gameplay have been the points at which the series has been at its weakest.

AK9128d ago

Clearly this site and user has never played a Hitman game before Absolution, Hitman has always been about exploring open levels and finding out different ways to complete the objectives.

Dreamcatcher4528d ago

I like the older ones more, especially codename 47 because it felt a lot darker. Especially the mental asylum tutorial level.