Devil May Cry Animated Series By Same Producers of Netflix Castlevania

I don’t know about you guys, but the Castlevania series on Netflix was really cool. I enjoyed the animation and the general tone of the series. It didn’t hurt that I thought the action sequences were pretty cool, and that Korra from Avatar could learn a thing or two about using ice as a weapon.

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thejigisup23d ago

I've got some confidence in him after Castlevania. I just hope this focus' on Dante and Nero more than anything else, I mean throw Sparda, Vergil, Trish and Mundus in for good measure and I think we would get something decent. The newer characters are cool and all but if you've played Dmc 2 and 4 you'd know the series lost some footing and that Sparda and Mundus are super classy and not explored enough in general in the series.

spicelicka22d ago (Edited 22d ago )

Castlevania is most than just "cool", it's quite an amazing show, loved every minute of it. Hyped for this!

ShockUltraslash22d ago

Shankar posted a pic of him cosplaying as Dante.

AK9122d ago

Is it the same animation team and director? They were largely responsible nor making the series as good as it was.