What We Want (And Expect) From PlayStation VR 2

We take a look at the present state and possible future for the PlayStation VR, examining possible tech improvements and wish-list features.

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darthv7227d ago (Edited 27d ago )

local multiplayer is a big one I'd like to see happen. As for the move controller part... I know the kinect was capable of multipoint tracking and did so without the use of a ball on a stick so sony needs to make a camera as adept as kinect. the use of special gloves would make the experience more like minority report.

Dom_Estos27d ago

Apparently it's rumoured that the PS5 will have the breakout box built into the machine, and the controller and HMD will both have a camera on them for tracking. Gloves are supposedly being experimented with in R&D.

Apocalypse Shadow27d ago (Edited 27d ago )

Sony actually already owns Softkinetic. After Microsoft bought Prime Sense, the company Dr Marks was working with on PS2 that eventually became Kinect on 360, they shopped around for another depth sensing camera company. Their cameras are just as good or better at tracking motion. This was a PS3 demonstration they did a long time ago listed as for PS4.
But they do motion tracking in other areas like the auto industry.

The article talks about inside out tracking. Sony could do it. They are one of the leaders in micro sensors when they bought Softkinetic besides their own technologies

The problem comes with tracking behind the head. Meaning, if they have to add cameras behind your head, the cost goes up. If they have to add sensors for the controllers to read when not in view, the cost goes up.

But knowing Sony has the tech, has the experience in hardware design like the article mentioned, and has the gumption to take risks, all I expect is just more **FUN** Because they always deliver. They always start slow in the beginning. Then, WHAM! Too many games to choose from.

InKnight7s27d ago

Not blurry, real games and real RPGs and famous games to explore within just like RE7, not platforms and made up shooters.

SierraGuy27d ago

Camera mounted on top of hmd so that with the flick of a switch you could in real time see what's happening in the room around you without removing the headset...or pausing the game giving you the ability to walk if you had to without killing yourself.

Flick the switch again instantly back in the VR world.

kneon27d ago

Cameras on VR headsets also allow for AR applications.

Apocalypse Shadow27d ago

True, I think AR and VR will be a given if they can keep the cost down. It would give them an extra opportunity to make AR games and interact with others in the room besides the social screen. And do VR.

REDGUM27d ago

One word with what I'dlike to see and have with the next VR is ..... WIRELESS.
If there was one other niggle with the VR it would be the unplugging and reconnecting in between playing/choosing VR and HDR.

jukins27d ago

Theyve fixed that "niggle" with the latest psvr version but I dont have Hope's for wireless vr being "affordable" for the console crowd for another 5 years considering having to purchase the console.

kneon27d ago

Actually the components needed for wireless Vr are already dirt cheap.

REDGUM27d ago

Really? How'd they bypass the connections? I thought the issue was with the hardware not software. I could be totally wrong though too as I'm not computer savvy at all.

jukins27d ago

The updated breakout box has HDR pass through.

As for wireless not gonna pretend to know how much components are but the current one I know of that supports high fidelity wireless vr is the vive wireless adpator whuch is a separate $299 purchase apart from the hmd. That's a tough pill to swallow. Cant see sony willing to add that much cost to vr. Maybe an add on.

Lionsguard27d ago

It needs to be wireless, PERIOD! I've gone Vive wireless and there's just simply no going back.