Sunset Overdrive out now on Steam and Windows Store

Sunset Overdrive is now available for PC gamers.

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DragonbornZ30d ago

Disappointed no xbox x enhanced.
Have been hearing good things about performance tho. May actually be able to do 4k 60 on my 1070

oasdada30d ago

really? then i hope ur right about the 1070 thing.. excited!

DragonbornZ30d ago

I was reading impressions on performance and people were in the 100s at 1440p; guy was at 80 fps at 4k with a 1080. 1070 might be able to get around 60

SickSinceSix29d ago

Getting 120 fps at 1080p on my 1070

GagaGugu30d ago Show
timotim30d ago

Was hoping for an X enhanced announcement to go along with the PC release. Would have loved to see 4K, 30FPS. Hopefully they can still make it happen.

porkChop30d ago

That would have been good to see for Xbox gamers, but Microsoft wasn't really involved with this. They basically licensed the PC port to THQ Nordic, and THQ Nordic handled everything.

timotim29d ago

The details list Microsoft as the publisher on both Steam and the Microsoft Store. In fact, I don't see THQ anywhere...

porkChop29d ago

Yes, it does list Microsoft. You're not wrong about that. But if you read up on it, the PC port was published by THQ Nordic.

Microsoft previously announced a partnership where THQ Nordic would handle porting and publishing Xbox exclusives on PC, and Sunset Overdrive is the latest game in that partnership.

I'm not really sure why THQ Nordic isn't listed on the Steam page though, that doesn't make sense.

awdevoftw30d ago

Cool. Now just gotta wait for a sale. 5 bucks sounds good.

TheColbertinator30d ago

Steam version is ready to go. Thank you Insomniac

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The story is too old to be commented.