Opinion: I've Played Red Dead Redemption 2 For 3 Straight Weeks

Pennyworth Reviews Blog writes: "How is that I am only about 60% into the story, despite making sure that I’ve had a healthy spread of time given to side missions, screwing around and doing main missions? When I say 3 straight weeks, I mean anywhere between 3-4 hours every evening.

You might see this as a good or bad thing. In this case, it’s all good."

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ClayRules201225d ago (Edited 25d ago )

I see it as a good thing. I average about 2-4 hours with the game Monday - Friday. Saturday’s & Sunday’s (depending on if I work or not) I may get 6 hours in. No need to rush through. I know some just wanna do the main story, which is totally fine, and I get it. But experiencing all that the game has to offer really is a special treat “in my opinion”
It’s so entertaining to see dynamic world events happen on your way to missions or just while roaming around the world. I’m about 49% into the story, and just love appreciating all the little things that Rockstar has put into the game. The side missions are so good, and the quality & love that the team has put into them shines through “in my opinion” to an equal level to the main story missions. I’ve come across a few different people (in the dynamic world events) multiple times, after i did this with them or that for them/her/him, and each time i see them, it’s just different responses, something different to do for them, little things that are really exciting to see “in my opinion” and they’re doing different things, and still remember me, which is cool. And Arthur’s reaction to seeing them again is interesting.

I feel like I’ve gotten so much out’ve the time I’ve spent with this game than I have many games I’ve played in the last few years. Don’t get me wrong, I’ve had my fair share of frustration with the game, but it’s been so enjoyable & just an incredible experience overall.

I hope everyone currently playing the game is having a great time!

Ognipode25d ago

My very basic reply to this huge comment is: Same

ClayRules201225d ago

Lol. Sorry for the comment being huge. I like your basic comment haha.