Whoa, Amazon is selling a 128GB MicroSD card for just $22 - Perfect for the Switch

As part of its Black Friday sale that was just launched today, Amazon is blowing out these 128GB MicroSD cards for just a $22 a pop. Whether you need to add some additional storage to your smartphone, Nintendo Switch, or anything that has a microSD slot – this deal is ripe for the picking.

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MajorLazer30d ago

FFS UK needs these bastard deals 😭😪

rpvenom30d ago

this is actually a good deal.. you can get a usb adapter and just make it a usb flash drive too. thats what i did

Skankinruby30d ago

I'm waiting for the 512 GB to come out, and if not the 400 GB will be less than 100 soon enough

Literal_Cringe30d ago

That's a really good deal, hopefully with prices lowering rapidly it can mean bigger sizes can come out sooner.