Why Sony Skipping E3 2019 Makes Perfect Sense

TSA writes: "For the first time in the trade show’s history, E3 in 2019 won’t feature Sony. The trade show has been home to some of the biggest announcements in PlayStation history, playing host to the PlayStation 3 reveal in particular, and seeing the company regularly tussle with their rivals to “win” the show. So why are they skipping 2019? And what does it mean for E3’s future?"

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Thundercat7726d ago

Sony wouldn't be doing this if they didn't had a big bomb surprise in store. They are preparing and what is coming is going to be amazing.

Nintendo dropped E3 for their Nintendo Direct and they are not affected. In fact they are doing better than Xbox constantly on every NPD.

kingtoby208126d ago

I agree they are doing better than Xbox on NPD

Obscure_Observer25d ago


"I agree they are doing better than Xbox on NPD"

With the Switch their "next gen" system, that is also beating Playstation in Japan! The Wii U was a failure.

lelo2play26d ago

Big bomb, surprises, new console, or whatever... Sony skipping the biggest gaming conference in the world is a mistake, no matter how you put it.

WickedLester25d ago

LOL well maybe they should have consulted you first before they made this decision.

After 25 years in the industry and holding 4 of the top 5 spots of all time highest selling consoles, I trust that Sony knows what they're doing.

Brave_Losers_Unite25d ago (Edited 25d ago )

PS4 wasn't unveiled at E3 and look at how dominant it is. Take your opinion into the dump

Sharky23125d ago

That really remains to be seen!

Obscure_Observer25d ago


"Sony skipping the biggest gaming conference in the world is a mistake, no matter how you put it."

Yeah, some idiots will sugarcoat and try to turn into positive every dumb decision made by those companies. Microsoft and Nintendo included.

Obscure_Observer25d ago


"PS4 wasn't unveiled at E3 and look at how dominant it is. Take your opinion into the dump"

You don´t even know what you´re talking about.

Thundercat7725d ago

Is a mistake only in the eyes of Xbox fans. They will cast their usual Doom and then eat their own poison like always.

25d ago
Ceaser985736125d ago

So how's it a mistake? When Sony has nothing to show this gen. Also they chose not to reveal the PS5 on E3 but do it separately .. Sony aint loosing anything. Once everything is clear and the PS5 is announced Sony will be back at E3

rainslacker25d ago (Edited 25d ago )

Serious question. To you and Obscure.

How exactly do you think Sony will be affected by skipping E3?

I mean, sure, fans will try to sugar coat it, but I haven't seen anyone say why or how it's actually going to affect Sony negatively.

Most of the conjecture seems based on what we think is actually gained by E3, or how we personally feel about the conference, and I feel that any objective analysis of what these companies gain, versus what they spend to gain it is put on the back burner. I enjoy E3 conferences because I've been conditioned to do so. But I don't see the lack of them to be really that detrimental to these companies marketing efforts.

lelo2play25d ago

"How exactly do you think Sony will be affected by skipping E3? "

It won't affect Sony in any way... Sony will simply be ignored during the conference because there are not there. It's publicity on magazines, online sites, TV, webcasts, etc that Sony could have during the conference and won't have.

Yes, Playstation will still be the most popular console, but Sony is throwing away a opportunity to promote their product (even more). Do you see where I'm getting at?

Obscure_Observer25d ago


"'ve been cheerleading Xbox One from the beginning of this gen. Are you an idiot?"

Cheerleading? You´ve been a member for only 3 months trying and pretend that you know me? Lol.

Look at my comment history and you will see that i have no shame on criticize Microsoft whether i think they deserve. The truth is that Microsoft has been improving on a lot of ways since the original Xbox One reveal thanks to Phil Spencer! Like it or not.

But i recognize that they need to drop their BS Live Gold Paywall policies ASAP!

Obscure_Observer25d ago (Edited 25d ago )


"How exactly do you think Sony will be affected by skipping E3?"

The last first party game announced by Sony was in 2017! At the time of E3 2019, it´s gonna be almost two years without any new first party game announcements for the PS4. That means 2 years (in a row) out of 6 (1/3) in the current generation without talk, show or reveal any new PS4 first party game!

Meanwhile, competition will continue to announce new games, services, features and devices for their current consoles owners while PS4 only gamers will have nothing to looking foward to.

Yes, it will impact Sony´s perception negatively since it doesn´t require a genius to percieve that Sony is done with the PS4 and the only reason they will not reveal the PS5 at E3, is to no hinder PS4 and PS4 Pro consoles sales which will impact on the sales of new games like TLOU 2, Dreams, Ghost and Death Stranding.

And since those studios are working on current gen games, summed up the fact that PS5 is just around the corner, those games will probably made into the PS5´s innitial line up as well.

Anyway, imo, to not give PS4 gamers something to look foward around E3´s season after showing nothing for almost two years will undoubtely have a negative impact on Sony´s image/perception among gamers.

Fanboys will defend Sony to the end, and to see them try and downplay anything that Microsoft and Nintendo will show at E3 2019, will be nothing but expected since they will have nothing to talk about regarding their console if Sony decides to not host a proprietary event at the same time as E3 next year.

trooper_25d ago

They have their own big event.

Is there some rule that states they must come to E3?

ratedviper25d ago

E3 is over rated these days and they can skip they have done way too good and if they skip this it wont hurt them.

No Way25d ago

I mean.. lelo isn't wrong. It's the biggest gaming convention in the world. Millions of people go, millions watch on TV. All the press are there. It is a mistake - but it won't really cost them. I think it comes down to money.. with how widespread the internet is now a days, they just have to post a "show" on youtube and millions will see it.

Couldn't do that 25 years ago.. hell, even 10 years ago.

frostypants25d ago

I'm gonna trust the professional industry people at Sony over the opinion of some random on N4G.

Realms24d ago

LOL. It's a huge mistake for Sony but not Nintendo right? Some of you are so funny, the fact is that PSX has been successful and they have already proven that they can announce big news at other venues. The PS4 wasn't revealed at E3 it was done in a press event. I suspect that they could potentially host a similar event to announce the PS5 and reveal it at a venue like PSX. E3 is no longer what it used to be it may suck for gamers but that is the truth.

rainslacker24d ago


MS can barely announce new games now, and you think they're going to announce more games this gen. Enough to really make a difference? Are MS services really going to make a dent against Sony?

Nintendo will continue to announce games, because we know they're working on them, and will have them ready to announce when they're ready. But is that really going to affect Sony and their future plans that much?

We know what is coming for PS4 for at least a year or two. We can probably even assume they don't have any more PS4 games to announce, or at least not have enough to warrant spending all that money on an E3 press conference. People have optimism for Sony for at least the next year or two, because they already have plenty of games announced. To put it in perspective, Sony has more high profile 1st party games coming out in the next two years, than MS has announced in the last three.

Your premise also assumes they have no plans for big announcements elsewhere. Which is counter to almost every piece of speculation that's been done to date about why they aren't attending E3.

It is probably safe to assume that we're on the cusp of a new gen. But, in no way is there any reason to be skeptical of Sony, and what they have coming will keep their momentum going, because Spider-Man is probably their last huge system seller. TLOU2 may see a bump, but that's going to sell to primarily sell to PS4 owners.

This being the case, MS would have to announce quite a bit to get people to buy into the X1, or X1X, if they think that Sony is about to release the PS5. If their future games become cross generation, then how will it affect Sony negatively, or the potential for PS5? That makes no sense. If anything, having them available on both will keep both systems alive, and shows Sony is continuing to support the PS4.

I don't have to defend Sony here, because I think they'll be fine. They've been fine all gen. You're saying they're making a mistake because somehow they're ruining any potential they had for the rest of the gen....and that somehow, MS will be able to capitalize on this with what exactly? A bunch of games that will likely release for next gen? They're in the same position...the only difference is Sony isn't going to spend a bunch of time at E3 acting like a dead system is somehow still relevant this gen, and Sony will likely continue to outsell X1, and Nintendo will keep on doing its own thing like it always has.

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--Onilink--25d ago

well Nintendo dropped the conference for the Nintendo Direct, which yes I dont really mind, at the end of the day im still watching a YT video.

They have kept a considerable presence in the show floor though. I guess we'll see next year how it plays out both for E3 and Sony. At the end of the day we can still get announcements at any other time of the year so the business side of things is something for Sony to worry, not us

AmUnRa25d ago

Sony can hold there own conference and i know they will do it, they talked about other ways than E3.
Than the are the only one with a conference and and all the media is paying attention to the Sony conference.

Obscure_Observer25d ago


"Nintendo dropped E3 for their Nintendo Direct and they are not affected. In fact they are doing better than Xbox constantly on every NPD."

Xbox won over Nintendo in two generations (Gamecube and Wii U). If the Switch will be able to overtake the Xbox One before the next generation Xbox drops, remains to be seen.

CarlDechance25d ago (Edited 25d ago )

Wow....Gamecube and Wii U. Wait....are you actually bragging about that? Have there ever been two less successful Nintendo consoles than the Gamecube and the Wii U? I don't think so.

Obscure_Observer25d ago


"Have there ever been two less successful Nintendo consoles than the Gamecube and the Wii U? I don't think so."

Since you´re asking, Xbox 360 also beated NES, SNES and N64 consoles on sales, and the Xbox One also sold more units than the N64.

That means that in 3 generations, Xbox beated 5 generations of Nintendo consoles!
Come back to me when you have some actual gaming knowloged so you will be able engage me on a proper discussion.

Until then, i done with you!

Chevalier24d ago

The general public doesn't know or care about generations. Nintendo in just 2 years is threatening to overtake Xbox. Its pretty pathetic how hard you try to defend poor Xbox sales and cheerlead.

" Meanwhile, competition will continue to announce new games, services, features and devices for their current consoles owners while PS4 only gamers will have nothing to looking foward to. "

Yeah because Sony hasn't made major announcements at their own PSX, Paris Gameshow, Gamescom or any other event. Oh right they have. Your an idiot if you think PS4 owners won't have games to look forward to. They have more 2nd and 3rd party exclusives than their competition pretty sure that will still be the case unless you think those developers will ignore over 100 million PS4 owners.

rainslacker25d ago

I think it can put their competition off balance, because while the competition may be somewhat aware of Sony's release plans for the next few years, or at least know they're closing in on being ready, they have no idea when Sony is going to announce it. This means they can't plan their reveals around it to try and take the thunder away from Sony. Nintendo never tried this, but MS has made it a point to try and steal thunder away from Sony at every opportunity....especially at E3.

Now, MS has to take a risk and decide if they want to show off some of their cards, which may end up being too early, or at least earlier than they'd like. Then Sony could easily just come in and steamroll MS with a new console announcement. MS can go on about how they have this great looking game, on the most powerful system, then a month later, Sony shows off a PS5 launch game and shuts them down.

OTOH, it can also backfire for Sony if they think they have something big to coincide with a console reveal, if that game/games they show fail to really excite the public, so they'd have to have a really amazing game to show for that strategy to work.

About the only thing I can be sure about coming from next E3 is MS making some comment that is console war worthy to be repeated constantly about how they aren't afraid to show their stuff while the competition is hiding in the background...which would be ironic considering all the criticism they got these past few years.

No Way25d ago

I somewhat disagree, not that they won't have "big bomb surprise(s)," but that I think it's probably just not worth the money, to them, now a days. All they'd have to do is set up a small booth, record what they want to show and put it out on youtube, or wherever, and millions will still see what they show..


Nintendo still participates in e3 with a direct and showroom floor presence, seems sony wont be there at all.

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SpaceRanger26d ago

I’m anticipating a lot of CGI trailer from MS from games that won’t be coming out for another few years, as a counter measure to their absence.

Sony has plenty of games being launched within the year that they’ve shown. I’m excited to see what future projects/console they end up talking about when the time suits them. Reminds me of the pre-PS4 announcement days.

jukins26d ago

Heh Microsoft will do that but the majority will be 3rd party games from publishers who will probably skip e3 as well but use Microsoft for the publicity.

frostypants25d ago

MS needs to get it together. Competition is a good thing.

Obscure_Observer25d ago


"I’m anticipating a lot of CGI trailer from MS from games that won’t be coming out for another few years, as a counter measure to their absence."

Microsoft doesn´t need to rush anything. They have plenty of first party studios now which will be focusing on new Xbox One and Next Generation Xbox.

But i´m not gonna lie to you. There will be heavy hitters on Microsoft´s E3 2019 stage. Expect Gears 5 fully playable on show floor, Halo Infinite gameplay reveal, Battletoads reveal, Rare´s new IP reveal, Ninja Theory New IP reveal and Playground´s New RPG reveal.

SpaceRanger25d ago

“Expect Gears 5 fully playable on show floor, Halo Infinite gameplay reveal, Battletoads reveal, Rare´s new IP reveal, Ninja Theory New IP reveal and Playground´s New RPG reveal.”

Lmao! You literally just said MS doesn’t need to rush anything. Sounds rushed to me by your list.

Hopefully even a quarter of that shows up for them this coming year, it’s been sparse in 2018 for MS and it’s fanbase.

Ceaser985736125d ago

"There will be heavy hitters on Microsoft´s E3 2019 stage"

Aint this getting old now.. Have been hearing this since a long time now lol! Hope you are right but i dont think so . at least not this gen.

rainslacker25d ago (Edited 25d ago )

"Microsoft doesn´t need to rush anything."

Apparently not. They haven't rushed anything this gen.

Also....another year of "wait for E3"? Really?

trooper_25d ago

Wait until E3!

-cricket chirp-

Wait until next E3!

Obscure_Observer25d ago (Edited 25d ago )


"Also....another year of "wait for E3"? Really?"

All in due time, man. :)

Enhanced OG Xbox Backwards compatible games on Xbox
Adaptative Controles for disable people
Native Keyboard and Mouse support
Day One Xbox One games on Gamepass
Power of the Cloud is REAL!
X Cloud
Seasons on Forza Horizon 4
Crossplay between Consoles
Acquisition/creation of EIGHT NEW FIRST PARTY STUDIOS.

All of that in 2018! You NEVER saw such innovative and agressive stance in a single year from a gaming company regarding development of first party games, services, features and devices in your life!

You can continue to play coy all you want. The reality is that all of you haters will get is more and more disappointments to see your arguments debunked.

"Cloud Power doesn´t exist"
"Day One Games on Gamepass is a lie"
"Xbox One X is not a True 4K console"
"Phil Spencer is lying about acquire/create new first party studios"
"Xbox is only about Halo, Gears and Forza"

All arguments debunked by Phil Spencer! This year!

You love your rethorical about how Microsoft will not support Xbox on long term. It´s gonna be really heart breaking to see you came with lame excuses in case (IF) Sony drops PS4 support before Microsoft drops support for the Xbox One.

Time will tell. ;)

rainslacker24d ago

I can see you're easily impressed.

You know what I don't see on that entire list of yours? AAA Games. So much innovation and aggressiveness from them for sure!!!

But, just for the record.

-Never said cloud power didn't exist. I said it was technically possible back in the day. I said it wasn't likely to make much difference this gen. I said it'd be 2-3 years before CD3 released, and it was about 4, and what happened with that? They showed the tech works, and it won't be relevant for this gen. Spencer proved me right, especially since the last game play showing of CD3 wasn't anything like they talked up.

-Never said day one on game pass was a lie, I said it wasn't a sustainable model for high profile AAA games to release on them regularly. At least not without a high subscription rate. That hasn't changed, and MS long term plans, and the level of the games still hasn't been proven, so he hasn't proven me wrong yet, and Spencer is saying point blank they want more service based games, and more intimate games, which means smaller games.

-As with most talk of resolution, I have always maintained that if a game is "true 4K" is dependent on the developer. Most talk about it was more about MS claiming it would be "uncompromised". I said that most devs weren't going to bother with taking full advantage of the X1X. During some of the criticism, I also said that MS had made a great console design which could come close, but there were many technical reasons why I felt they were talking it up to much, and Spencer didn't prove me wrong, R* did. To date though, most devs haven't taken advantage of it, so Spencer hasn't proved me wrong, and plenty of games are compromised.

-Never said Spencer was lying about acquiring new studios.. Didn't care if MS brought studios, or paid for 2nd party games. All I wanted was for them to produce more games. Said they need to shut up and actually do something and deliver. None of those new studios have delivered. Spencer hasn't proven me wrong, but to his credit, it looks like he's at least doing something to deliver in the future. Doesn't change how completely pitiful this generation has been for them.

-MS is mostly about Halo, Gears, and Forza. 3 gears games announced last E3. Halo Infinite announced. A forza every year. Heavy implication that a new Fable is being made. No other AAA exclusive since Quantum Break except Gears and Forza. With the new acquisitions I assume they're going to expand their portfolio, which is good, but hasn't changed anything this gen...thus Spencer hasn't proved anything.

So, at least for my part, he hasn't actually debunked anything, and MS proved I was right about the cloud compute not being relevant this gen. Unless you think we're going to see a huge influx of cloud based games physics after CD3 releases. But with cloud, It took its due time, but I was proven right on what I said.

But let me're going to say I said something completely different because that's what you do when I shut you down....every time....without fail.

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rainslacker25d ago

MS really has no incentive to show any games for their next system if Sony isn't there. Unless they feel that's the only way to maybe combat a potential PS5 reveal.

however, if Sony announces a PS5 sooner rather than later, and MS isn't ready to release, then it will probably stall the sales of the X1/X1X, as all of MS power talk will essentially be rendered moot, because logically, people are more likely to just wait it out a while if they care about the most powerful system....but may not be willing to wait it out the extra time it would take MS to come to market with Scarlett.

EyeAmTJ25d ago

yeah cause Sony never showed cgi movies as games & delayed games...yeah ok

SpaceRanger25d ago

You totally missed the point I made. Nice try, maybe next time.

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Jdoki26d ago (Edited 26d ago )

PS5 announcement to coincide with the 25th Anniversary of PlayStation launch in 2019. I guess Sony want full control over that announcement, so missing E3 for an event of their own would make sense.

Only negative is that it leaves the door open for MS to make a big announcement at E3 without any focus being taken away.

Thundercat7725d ago

And even with that, Microsoft will not be able to scratch Playstation dominance.

rainslacker25d ago (Edited 25d ago )

I'm not sure what kind of announcement they can make that would curtail a PS5 announcement. Games are great, but if they're for this gen, then its already getting to be too late, and next E3 will be even too later. Next console announcement will pretty much kill whatever they have going on with the X1, and if they can't show any more support for this gen, then it'll leave a sour taste in their mouth to abandon hardware....once the last few years of a consoles life span.

Most people aren't going to wait it out for MS to reveal their console if Sony has one now, because Sony, more than any generation before, has built their reputation for delivering a strong system, with a strong 1st party line up, and strong long term support.

Rude-ro25d ago

“Only negative is that it leaves the door open for MS....”
To who?
There is no national coverage.
Who covers gaming, covers it.
If Sony announces anything, it would have as much coverage as if they spent millions to do their e3.
The only guaranteed aspect of e3 for Sony is the crap ton of negative articles pre and post e3 due to whatever reasons certain media groups choose to do them. A guarantee per history.
I mean, e3 has only been open, although limited, to the public for 2 years I think...
And after last year, the only “brownie” points went to the stage presentation and nothing of actual value.
It is odd after so many years as to why, but as for coverage, that is the one aspect that does not change.
If the ps5 was announced right now... it would have the same coverage than if it were at e3 because the gaming media does not magically grow just during E3.

Atom66626d ago

It does make some sense in the context of the PS5 transition. They don't want to hinder PS4 and Pro sales, but it's clear that future titles past TLOU2 and Death Stranding will probably be PS5.

But even then, I wouldn't say it makes perfect sense. They could show off Dreams, Wild, TLOU MP, and more GoT, Death Stranding, PSVR, indies, 3rd party and still have a great show, and stay silent on PS5.

I feel like we're missing something here. Yes, E3 costs a lot, but hosting your own "huge" event is costly, too. I still don't understand.

doggo8425d ago

No, TLOU 2 and death stranding will be ps4 exclusives.

house25d ago

he means they'll be cross gen, which is most likely.

Atom66625d ago

I expect those games to be the final big releases on PS4 and likely be playable on PS5 too, but my point is that if they showed "what's next" after those games, we'd be shown PS5 games.

Maybe they don't want to overshadow their last big PS4-selling games by doing that? I don't really know.

Platformgamer26d ago

it makes sense for the redundancy reason... but it's still a bummer.
i hope for sony that at least they got a presence in there with demos and such