Are Games as a Service the Future of Gaming?

Alex S. from Link-Cable writes: "Times were that when a new video game was released you would expect that, to well be it. The game you bought at the store, whether it be on cartridge, disc or even a digital download contained the full experience you could look forward to and for the better part of seven console generations this was the case. Slowly but surely however developers began tinkering and adding to games post release with things like patches, bug fixes and eventually additional content started to be part of the console gaming mix."

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Eonjay33d ago

No one really wa vs it to be. The only reason why it hasn't been more vigorously attacked is because companies know that some fans will defend a company at the consumer's expense.

PhoenixUp33d ago

It’ll be an aspect but it won’t be he definitive future

kalkano32d ago

Might as well be titled "Does gaming have a future?"

GaaS taking over will just mean I'll be retro gaming.

The_Sage31d ago

Exactly... I'll be done with "gaming" if it becomes a service. There are plenty of cool hobbies that could even make money that you could take up. I build things like entertainment centers and speaker stands for friends and family for free. If gaming goes GaaS I'll stop gaming and use my spare time to build stuff. Gaming will be a dead genera in my eyes.

25d ago
monkey60231d ago

Most of 2018s most succesfull games have no games as a service features so no! There'll be room for titles like that too but hardly the media norm.

Most GaaS titles aren't actually performing all that well, There's little more than a handful that truly make it.

PhantomS4231d ago

True and ones like Sea of Thieves and (currently) Fallout 76 flopped hard and were very disliked by the masses.

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