Star Citizen Will Celebrate Anniversary With Free to Play Week

Star Citizen features high quality cutting-edge visuals and technology, a virtual world that is immersive and detailed, a sophisticated storyline that is wide in scope and visceral, heart-pounding space combat.

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T1125P27d ago

Release the damn game already. Oh no wait, let's wait a few more years and add ray tracing to everything in the game, Dumb asses.

Skull52127d ago

No kidding. I think a game has to see release before it can have an anniversary. Longest running most expensive tech demo ever created is all this experiment is.

UltraNova27d ago

Oh GOD RT will be the new thing to be added that will take another 2-5 years to implement...

moralsup27d ago

They said they arent adding ray tracing yet.

Couldnt you come up with something better to say

chris23527d ago

the best vaporware i never played

Tech527d ago (Edited 27d ago )

it will be free to play on November 23. so play it.

edit -
just to let everyone know, star citizen is a MMO. squadron 42 is a separate game in the star citizen universe.

UltraNova27d ago

"Best never ending development game" award at the GA?

notachance27d ago

anniversary of what? it hasn't released yet

franwex27d ago

Hahaha. Truest comment of the night right here!

Tech527d ago

star citizen isn't going to have a physical release. it released years ago as a digital MMO. similar to Black desert online which started out in closed form. then it fleshed out with updates.

PapaBop27d ago

BDO is a fully released product though. They're not hiding behind the "well things will be earnable ingame when the full game releases" line when people complain about the ridiculous prices.

Kados27d ago (Edited 27d ago )

In the way that most games do? no, and it has been clearly stated from the start, that it never will. It has been clear right from the original Kickstarter days that it would be a modular game and always in "production". It has been playable by backers for several years now. Go to the RSI site and buy a pack and you can DL and play it right now.


Tech527d ago (Edited 27d ago )

right. star citizen is not a conventional console game, as many would think.
Star Citizen has always been in digital form and has had no plans to be constricted to a physical form. so it will continue to update and expand. like most MMOs. Star Citizen will flesh out with more updates as it's become it's own category of MMO.

RainOfTerror27d ago

It's not a console game at all, it's PC only

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RainOfTerror27d ago

All the haters get a chance to try out, for free .. why not give it a whirl, and then continue hating but at least be informed :)

nowitzki200427d ago

Its more fun to blindly hate