Here's How Much Faster Fallout 76's Load Times Are Versus Fallout 4's

Author writes "Bethesda has earned itself an unwanted reputation over the years for bugs, glitches, and so-called "jank." Fallout 76 makes some improvements over its single-player predecessor, but not as many as it should."

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LiamKreptic32d ago

No one cares...FO76 is a it runs like crap

Vanfernal32d ago

I would think a world loads faster when there's nothing to do in it lol.

Eidolon32d ago (Edited 32d ago )

And there's people who spend 1000s of hrs on the other games. Doing what? Nothing Only different is NPC's which would be the narrative and basically the core of the story, but that wouldn't add much if any more loading time,

Vanfernal32d ago

All the characters, quests, dialogues, AI's, loot etc add to the loading.

Eidolon32d ago (Edited 32d ago )

It's minuscule.. All the core mechanics are in there. Character/objects and textures, mechanics for loot, quests, are already in. Only thing left is some relatively small data for scripting and text for dialogue, object triggers, etc(All very negligible as far as data loading).. nothing compared to rendering data. Like I said, not much or anything at all added to loading with NPC's. If you look at it in the perspective of a designer/programmer, you would understand. Have you modded for Oblivion/Skyrim/FO3/FONV?

Profchaos32d ago (Edited 32d ago )

Fallout 4 was a key motivator to me installing a sad in my PS pro load times were often 45 seconds plus leaving interior environments and the need to fast travel really resulted in losing so much time in the loading screen.

Thankfully a ssd resulted in 12 to 20 second loading screens not as fast as it would be on PC with a ssd but still much improved

Glad 76 is fixed but the world being kind of empty is probably a massive contributer now if they could only add a dlc story bundle