Sony Stealthily Rolls Out a Set of New PlayStation Store Discounted Games, Most Don't Require PS+

Sony has sneakily rolled out a few noteworthy games out on the PSN Store at super low prices, and most of them don't even require an active PS+ membership for a discount!

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Skull52127d ago

I noticed last night Xbox put all its Black Friday sale stuff up, maybe this is Sony’s as well? Glad I waited on Shadow of the Tomb Raider, already on sale for $30.

CorndogBurglar27d ago

No way is this Sony's Black Friday sales. They will title that sale accordingly and there will be more than 7 or 8 games on it. They will also be games people care about.

parris27d ago (Edited 27d ago )

I guess after they saw Sony's Black Friday deals were going to be a full week they got scared.

But honestly this past month Sony has had multiple sales going on at the same time, a couple weeks ago they had three separate sales going on at once.

Skull52127d ago

I guess if Sony’s Black Friday sales are gonna be an entire week, Microsoft’s are going to be even longer huh parris? Guess by your logic Sony should be scared now...

Always gotta be defending Sony, even if it is over a comment that wasn’t attacking them.

parris27d ago

Wait, you came into an article about Sony and started talking about Microsoft's sales and your trying to call me out... LoL good one!

BTW Sony announced their week long Black Friday before Microsoft got scared and started their deal. And as I said Sony has had multiple different groups of sales going on at the same time since September.

Skull52127d ago

Well Microsoft has sales 365 days a year so I guess Sony needs to be scared or something. They also started this Black Friday sale same time last year, and all prior years. Microsoft doesn’t have to announce sales weeks in advance, they just put them on sale when they choose.

parris27d ago (Edited 27d ago )

Sony has better sales 365 days a year and 366 days a year every leap year and Sony sells more software year round so clearly PS4 is the better console.

Yeah, Microsoft doesn't have to talk about things weeks in advance they need to talk about things years in advance just to get people to give a crap... Like the X which they talked about almost 2 years in advance. How's that xbox scarlet going got a release date on that yet?

Skull52127d ago

Ah I see, you’re just trolling me, following me around like a little lost puppy.

parris27d ago (Edited 27d ago )

I love puppies, kitties and PS4, the best gaming brand because it has so many great sales.

darthv7227d ago

OMG you two (skull & parris). It's like there is some weird sexual tension between you two seeing as you cant just leave each other alone.

I will get marked off topic for this but seriously... you two just stop. And dont give me this "well they started it" crap either. You are both on restriction. Now... go to your rooms.

rainslacker26d ago

Remember when Black Friday was actually on the day after Thanksgiving? Black Friday is hardly even worth being excited for anymore, because all the retail places and all the digital spaces just keep throwing out good deals for a full month ahead of time.

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kayoss27d ago

wow, thats is very expensive.

2pacalypsenow27d ago

I guess 4 cheap bastards think $4 for BF1 is expensive.

Profchaos27d ago

Its been free on multiple platforms I'm sure PlayStation will get it in PS plus soon to

PurpHerbison26d ago

Got it when it was $5 and it was actually pretty fun aside from all the issues getting friends together on the same server. The way they tied the party system into PSN party chat is pretty frustrating.

Abnor_Mal27d ago

Off topic: Sony has a new tournament pro controller called the Astro C40 TR. Looks good switchable D-pad and thumbsticks, looks good.