Mortal Kombat XI Leaked Before Expected Reveal

From PlayStation Universe: "Mexican voice actor and director Eduardo Garza, who has lent his talent to the likes of Lucio in Overwatch and Krillin in Dragon Ball may have let slip that Mortal Kombat XI is in the works."

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chrisx31d ago

We all know it's coming so this isn't a surprise.

Skull52131d ago

I’d like a modern remaster of MK3. I feel like all the new character they come up with come up short. Bring back all the classic characters, I don’t want to play as their children.

chrisx31d ago

MK3 is also my best one, that game got the best character models imo

Mr Marvel30d ago

MK3 is still the best MK game...followed closely by MK9 imo.

Jrios35530d ago


They already brought back all the classic characters with 2011's Mortal Kombat reboot. Why should they do it again?
Whether you like the new characters or not is up to preference. And relying on the classic characters yet again is going to make the cast boring. I didn't like some of the new characters in MKX, but the cast needs something new and fresh, not the same characters over and over.

smashman9830d ago

I feel you guys. But i wantnto play devils advocate a bit. Us older fans don't really dig the new characters. But my nephew whos first mortal kombat was mkx loved the new characters. I think that was Boon's intention. He wants those new characters to appeal to a younger generation of gamers and i think they do. I also think they do it without being bad characters. If I'm being honest my only problem with them was that they weren't the characters i know and love.

NapalmSanctuary30d ago (Edited 30d ago )

@Jrios355 The problem with the new characters is that most of them kinda suck. I'm all for new characters but the way they (for the most part) just crowbarred in everyone's kid was just lazy. Also, having a floaty Ermac was just bad. The thing that makes UMK3 so good is that its the best collection of characters the series has ever seen.

VTKC30d ago

Hey what about MK Trilogy? Even the bosses were selectable. Wow imagine an modern version where you could select different versions of same character. MK 2 Jax or MK 3 Jax

Gaming10129d ago

MK Trilogy had all the characters, including bosses. I'd so love it to be that one... although MK9 attempted to do this to some degree.

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blazin830d ago

it's the fact that nrs was so tight lipped about it.

criticalkare31d ago

Could be one of the announcement from game awards?

robtion30d ago

Unfortunately it will be a really great game but absolutely pack to the brim with dlc, microtransactions, and locked content.

Injustice 2 took nickle and diming to the next level and I expect this game to be the same or worse.

optimus30d ago

when it comes to microtransactions and loot boxes i thought injustice 2 did it right. you can buy them if you wanted but you can also earn it as you play....didn't bother me in the least and it didn't hinder the game as far as i could tell

smashman9830d ago

I thought the season passes for mkx and injustice 2 were fantastic.

blazin830d ago

yeah but it's a fighting game. it's not the same as it is with shooters

Mr Marvel30d ago

My thought exactly. It seems like to right place to announce it.

chris23530d ago

release one without online option and i‘ll gladly buy

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The story is too old to be commented.