PlayStation 5 Developers - Here's All The Developers Working On PS5

From PlayStation Universe: "Though we’re still awaiting a firm PlayStation 5 release date, a number of developers have confirmed they’re working on games for Sony’s next-gen console."

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JaguarEvolved27d ago (Edited 27d ago )

Next gen starts when ps5 is released. Can't wait to buy ps5 on day one

DarkVoyager26d ago (Edited 26d ago )

Sony Worldwide Studios will pull of amazing things on PS5. I can only imagine. Can’t wait for Horizon: Zero Dawn 2!

“PS experience returning, most devs already had dev kits for PS5 ( spoiler, it’s a monster)”

Can’t wait!

anonymousfan26d ago

I have such a huge backlog ... I really hope it's backwards compatible and a few visual upgrades to PS4 titles such as higher resolution/full 4K would be a sweet bonus :).

LegoIsAwesome26d ago

Am I the only one who want the sequel for GoW and Horizon to release for the ps4? I mean man, it sucks that every entry of the franchies like I mention above only release once per generation. I want their sequel to be on ps4.

beulahland26d ago (Edited 26d ago )

@DarkVoyager Nah. You will wait. You will buy it when it's way cheaper. We know it.

Skull52126d ago

Well, prepare for The Last of Us 2: Remastered.

Oh and JaguarEvolved, I think Switch technically already launched next gen lol.

Please Sony, SOCOM. It’ll sell me a console. Bloodborne 2 would as well.

kingtoby208126d ago

Give me a new Syphon Filter please

BLizardXD26d ago

"Next gen starts when ps5 is released."

of course, it will be the first 4k con...oh wait the xbx1 is that already. so it will be the second 4k console.

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Imortus_san26d ago

that what they said with PS3 and the console was a cancer the intire gen.

Mr_Writer8526d ago

^^^^^ ^^^^^^^^ ^^^^^^^^

*over reaction mode activated*

Dragonscale26d ago (Edited 26d ago )

PS3 was an anomaly lol. Cancerous like ms' anti consumer bullcrap with xbone, PS3 is not even on the same level compared to that travesty fgs.

rainslacker26d ago

Cancer? Didn't see the ps3 do anything that caused any major problems for the industry. Being overpriced is just bad judgement, but the market will take care of that.

AmUnRa26d ago

Yeah imortus_san, it was a cancer and still beating the Xbox360 on the end of the generation in units sold and exclusive games.

Imortus_san26d ago (Edited 26d ago )

@Mr_Writer85 | Dragonscale | rainslacker
The PS3 was / is a cancer, games did not runs well on it, installs were carzy slow (from 1m to 50m, 50m WTF), downloaded games needed double the space to install, slow internet, leing to the consumers every steep of the way, that E3, dual-shock was from the past (because they were being prosecuted), achievements were not relevant then next year trophies were born, games showed at that E3 and other events that never came to be, tons of missing and canceled games, they chased after MS the entire gen, no self published games/apps (X360 had 3400), move was a failure while Kinetic is in the Guinness Book due to fastest selling accessory and sold more then 20 million, pick the some 1500 games from PS3 and X360 library and 1485 run better / play better / look better on X360.

PS3 lost at EVO (this gen they PAID for Capcom's ass so they could take out MS from EVO, just patetic), PS3 lost at online, lost at games, lost at the controller, lost in the arcades, lost at retro since PS3 input's 3 frames delay in the best case scenario and some games are unplayable, they remove stuff from the console in almost every revision, you have to be a blind fanboy to keep saying Sony won last gen, they even had to sell the Headquarters to pay salary's, WTF are you people on.

But hey, lets all forget about all that, just because Last of Us earned so many prizes, one game makes all the bad go away,

Imortus_san26d ago

@AmUnRa more exclusives, you must be day dreaming, a console with less 3400 games and apps had more exclusives, even kinect had triple the ps move exclusives, xbox had a ton o japanese games exclusives, and many more.

rainslacker26d ago

And none of that stuff affected the industry, and the gamer didn't seem to really have much problem with it, because it had a lot of high quality games.

Half the stuff you list could probably be used to show how X1 is a cancer this gen, but I wouldn't call the X1 a cancer. MS initial policies maybe, but that worked itself out.

And yeah, I'll forget all that stuff you mention, because none of its important, nor did you make a case about how all that stuff was harmful to games or gamers, and most of all, it was much more than TLOU winning a bunch of awards which made Sony so good last gen.

GagaGugu25d ago Show
Imortus_san25d ago (Edited 25d ago )

5+ million GT 5 active users lose their online because Sony decides to try to increase GT 6 sales, and that does not affect gamers??
One month of online down and millions of accounts compromised did not affect gamers?
Quality games running at 10~15 frames like Dark Souls, games running below 720p, frame rate problems, fucking installs, and you call that quality?

You rainslacker are a joke of a fanboy.

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beulahland26d ago

Next gen starts when ANY next generation hardware is released.

There. I corrected it for you.

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chrisx27d ago (Edited 27d ago )

whenever PS5 is ready, so am I. I'm sure Ps5 would set gaming standards as always every gen.. looking forward to those nextgen masterpiece exclusives.

traumadisaster26d ago

What standerd did they set in gaming last gen?

Larrysweet26d ago

U know dont act like u dont 86mill vs 3oish that is all

remixx11626d ago (Edited 26d ago )

I'd guess the standard for how to consistently release great games

Goldby26d ago

Little thing called blue ray and hdmi cables included in the box

mkis00726d ago

Share button...that ms had to jury rig into the system.

rainslacker26d ago

Blu ray capacity drives, which ms held back because they were forced to release their system early because of nvidia screwing them over and couldn't wait for the optics to become avaialable.

HDMI perhaps...But that was a given, and ms probably would have done it too if it hadn't been cost prohibitive when they released the 360.

jagermaster61926d ago (Edited 26d ago )

Don't act like you are not a fanboy!

bigmalky25d ago (Edited 25d ago )

A network adapter and blu-ray player built into the console, rather than having to buy each piece separately on release, costing about the same price as a PS3 in the long run.

So easily fans forget that Xbox 360 was a bit part bought system on it's debut.

And how useful was that HD player?

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beulahland26d ago

The only standard set on this generation were its funboyz.

Azale26d ago

Or it’s anti fun boys. Lol, don’t be so bent up about it. The world will go on and so will Microsoft. Hey maybe they might even win this time around. They’ve got the studios now maybe they’ll give us some games this time around. I for one am happy that they’re finally using some of that undeserved money to actually grow their brand. I mean honestly how long did they think they’d last with their lineup of exclusives. I guess the X was their last resort to try and do what they’ve always done, leech off of third party sales.

AizenSosuke27d ago

PS5 I'm waiting because I want a guaranteed future with Discs always on the consoles.

darthv7227d ago

If the current trend of partial data on disc becomes the norm then its pointless to still buy physical if you end up having to dl the whole game digitally anyway. I'm all for physical but I'm just not liking what is happening right now.

conanlifts26d ago

No, because you can still sell or trade the discs once finished.

CarlDechance26d ago

yeah.....resell and trade value makes physical anything but "pointless"

rainslacker26d ago

It is pointless, which is why I don't buy games that do that.

Hypothetically speaking, that could be how they force a digital future how ms wanted, but I doubt they will try to extend that to restricting 2nd hand purchases.

Me, I'll just support the devs and pubs who aren't asshats and release a product I want in a way I want.

Apocalypse Shadow26d ago (Edited 26d ago )

Disc will still be there. There are too many people who don't have Internet or have unlimited data to support digital only next Gen or would deal with having 200mb on a disc like some of these shady companies are doing. That's leaving millions of gamers left out. That's millions of dollars left off the table.

Expect bigger files to be on 4K ultra bluray format that hold 66gb and 100gb with the option to download games to an hdd like this Gen. With smaller games possibly still on regular bluray. Next Gen is where Ultra Hd bluray will really matter. Not this Gen when it's only used for movies.

rainslacker26d ago

Even most 4k games will be able to fit on a regular disc. I have no clue how they're getting such large sizes on some of these games, as 4k textures shouldn't amount to that much of an increase in size. Most textures are still he same size. But they will probably push past the 46gb limit more assuming games stay at their current scope with content.

Apocalypse Shadow26d ago

My guess is uncompressed files.

rainslacker25d ago

Possibly, but you can only compress high quality files so much, and most texture formats tend to already use their own compression algorithms.

MWH26d ago

"Square’s in-house studio Luminous Production, who were originally set to work on a TV series focusing on the evolution of humans".


moomoo31926d ago

If treyarch just released blops 4 and are hiring for next-gen, obviously thats not the 2019 cod game. Just filling up space with nonsense