NVIDIA GeForce RTX2080Ti has no trouble at all running Fallout 76 in 4K with 60fps on Ultra settings

DSOGaming writes: "While there is a big controversy surrounding Fallout 76, we are pretty sure that a lot of gamers are interested in it. And since the game has just been officially released on the PC, we’ve purchased a copy – for our PC Performance Analysis purposes – and decided to use our NVIDIA GeForce RTX2080Ti in order to capture some 4K screenshots from it on Ultra settings."

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Dabigsiebowski25d ago

The game has worst graphics than fallout 4. I'm blown away it only runs at that framerate for the price of that card. Yikes

Brave_Losers_Unite25d ago

To be fair, some settings use up a ton of hardware specs.

PapaBop25d ago

And still looks like ass

KukwesGaming25d ago

im sure its limited to the 60fps cap currently just like I am on my 2080 not ti version.

Cobra95125d ago

Of course not. It's the first 4-figure (US $) consumer card in history. It damn well better be able to do that with an ancient game engine.

KukwesGaming25d ago

no those would be the Titan cards

DarkZane25d ago

The engine is old as hell. The 1080 and 1080 ti can probably do it too.

KukwesGaming25d ago

1080 ti can not the 1080 maxed out

Profchaos25d ago (Edited 25d ago )

1080ti was getting 25 to 30 fps in the beta

Razmiran25d ago

They cant
Because the game is optimized like **** not because of the cards

warriorcase25d ago

Probably. There was a drover issue during the beta and reports of 1080ti performance troubles but that seems to have been fixed. There are some specific spots on the map that you get dips though which looks like its due to an issue with their map culling. Some areas you turn left and see things loading in front of you.

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ButtAnihilator25d ago

I'd rather play minesweeper at 1p 1fps though.

KwietStorm25d ago

But does the game itself have no trouble running

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