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Submitted by zimbo007 2665d ago | news

Ubisoft fiscal report for 09 broken down by Platform

Breakdown of sales by platform

Ubisoft made more money on PS3 than x360 for the fiscal year ending September 09


NDS 38%

PS3 20%

360 14%

Wii 11%

PC 10%

PSP 3%

PS2 2% (Nintendo DS, PC, PS2, PS3, PSP, Wii, Xbox, Xbox 360)

Update EDIT

sorry the fiscal report is for year ending September 30, 2008 not 09

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larry  +   2665d ago
X360 is finished in europe
UBI will make SC conviction multi since they can make money from it by selling in USA as well as europe

The Killer  +   2664d ago
well i know the secret behind the attach rate of 360
they tend to buy more of the same game because their beloved console keeps scratching and damaging the disks they put in!

while ps3 owner r the real ones that buy all type of games and have higher attach rate and their console is not hacked yet!
Sir_Ken_Kutaragi  +   2664d ago
And the Future...
2009/2010 -

PS3 40%

NDS 30%

Wii 11%

PSP 10%

PC 10%

PS2 5%

360 1% ;-D

(Don't think it adds up but nevermind!!! ;-D I got it off some random Blog!!!That's good enough for this site lately)
FBl  +   2664d ago
Even Wii can't match the Ps3 in terms of bringing 3rd party Revenue
Watch as all remaining xbox 360 exclusives become multiplatform games
ultimolu  +   2664d ago
*does a robot dance*

Ooooh yeah!

Great time to be a PS3 owner! ^-^
Wildarmsjecht  +   2665d ago
Hum...this is wierd. First, EA says they made more money on the PS3 (few months back) and now Ubisoft says the same. Something about people not buying games and stuff...just..not fitting here anymore.

Still, nothing beats NDS and those damn crappy games they've gotten from Ubi.

EDIT - Looking at the diagram more closely, something seems off. I know some companies Q1 of the next year start a fewmonths before the year begins, or a few months after, so I assume this is the case for Ubisoft talkinga bout Q2 sales of 08-09. So the 6 months of 2008/09 that I think the description may be referring to if anything, what would that mean in terms of actual months. Is that from april to 0ctober, or a future estimation.
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Genesis5  +   2665d ago
Yeah I read the same thing about EA. What's up with the 360 attach ratio. What games are they attaching? Not many of EA's or Ubisofts, 2 of the biggest publishers.

Really for an 8.1 games to consoles stat. Shouldn't somebody be making money off of it.
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supahbad  +   2665d ago
yeah weird was the first thing i thought too, how can it be the hardest to develop on with the lowest install base, and still be making third parties decent profits? maybe 360 fans are just holding out for their first party titles this year

Edit: and shouldn't games written on blu ray cost more too? i'm not getting this economy right now.
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dro  +   2665d ago
and they said ps3 owners only buy blu ray movies and not games.... :/ !!!!!
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Coheno  +   2665d ago
Jep, somethings going on! Probably M$ taking high fee's for publishing on their platform? Can't see where else their making money in their gaming division?!

After a closer look, maybe not. It says sales, not earnings? Wierd
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morganfell  +   2665d ago
These companies have to furnish the cold hard facts to investors and can't dilly dally with numbers the way MS does when they are trying to mislead the public.

Some of us aren't so US Centric and know that there is a big wide world out there where MS has an infinitely harder time in attempting to snow people about what is really happening in the console war.
ruibing  +   2664d ago
I'm pretty sure that tie ratio was from NPD, so it only counts for the US.

I'm not sure about development cost, since they are split down the middle with all major titles being cross platformers. But making games on Blu Ray shouldn't cost much more than DVDs ever since the PS3 supported LTH technolgy, which basically lets normal DVD assembly lines to easily converted to support Blu Ray. You can read it up, but Blu Ray cost less in terms of only having a single polymer side but evens the cost up with protective coating. I really don't think it makes much of a difference when they are made in the millions.
The Matrix  +   2664d ago
Why do they have fallout 3 as one of their games?
Flipgeneral  +   2664d ago
Piracy might be the culprit for these odd events!
My friend does not have a SINGLE legit game! (I do NOT support piracy btw, I give him crap for it every time)
NaiNaiNai  +   2664d ago
to The Matrix
yea that is odd. >.> and they aren't the publishers since Bethesda Softworks
and ZeniMax Media, are labeled as the publishers, someone mind explaining.
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sonarus  +   2664d ago
Its fukin Europe. That has to be the explanation. But who really knows. All i know is that DLC will soon start to get costly for microsoft:)
uxo22  +   2664d ago
Well before sounding the conspiracy theory horn, there are several things to be considered here. Obviously Apr 08 - Mar 09

1. Are they counting any games that were released on the 360 prior to the report.

2. What does the lifetime xbox 360 attach rate have to do with the UBISOFT 08/09 Fiscal report showing PS3 with higher sales.

3. The PS3 had Haze and Prince of Persia classic release in this period. Haze being an exclusive and Prince of Persia Class was release outside of the quarter for the 360. There are probably other titles that fit this same criteria that is not being considered.

4. This reports is only covering the first half of the fiscal year, still one half to go.

5. Page 3 of the report says: "This statement may contain estimated financial data, information on future projects and transactions and future business results/performance. Such forward-looking data are provided for estimation purposes only."

Just something to ponder. Additionally is this for the entire UBISOFT company or is this report for European sales?
kwicksandz  +   2664d ago
Looks like haze didn't flop sales wise as much as it did reviews wise!
shine1396  +   2664d ago
did anybody actually read the pdf?
both x360 and ps3 are on 20 percent. Where did you get the summary figures from?

Edit: Just read it a second time to confirm....Shame on all of you. I won't be taking off bubbles but jeez.
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Coheno  +   2664d ago
Obviously NOT Apr 08- Mar 09. It says period ending Sep 2009, so it's probably Okt. 08-Sep. 09, thats their fiscal year.
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Beast_Master  +   2664d ago
HAZE!!! Was not multi-plat game folks. that is why PS3 has higher sales. I am sure if Take-Two posted their earnings from last year it would be flipped because they had Bio-shock and GTA4 plus 360 didn't have MLB the Show to compete with. Then if they showed this year PS3 would be higher because it has Bio-shock.

I hate 360 by the way, but let's have a little better prospective.

Now if EA or Activision say they made more on PS3 that would be big, but I doubt it with Rock Band 2(EA) timed exclusive and L4D (EA) not being on PS3.
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uxo22  +   2664d ago
Man who knows, It says that the halfway point ended sept 08, therefore I'm guessing they FY is actually Apro 08 - Mar 09. Not Sept 09.

Page 2: "Paris, October 23, 2008 – Today, Ubisoft reported its sales for the fiscal half-year ended
September 30, 2008."
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XxZxX  +   2664d ago

read the 6 month report. It wasn't that hard isn't it.
tocrazed4you  +   2665d ago
Its because
When we look at the software sales its always usa so we think the xbox 36 is winning but not it isn't ps3 is winning worldwide.
Silogon  +   2665d ago
No way Ps3 sold more software for Ubi and Ea now... That's gotta be pretty telling for these 3rd party comapanies and maybe this is the reason why Ea has been making the Ps3 the lead on a lot of their newer games.

Strange days. 14% stock drops, 20% software increases... this gen is the most unpredictable one in years.
pwnsause  +   2665d ago
well it just shows that those anti-PS3 articles are invalid in every way, shape and form, its just a bunch of fanboys writing articles.
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tocrazed4you  +   2665d ago
Are you still in denial? THIS CAME FROM UBISOFT THEMSELVES ARE YOU TELLING ubisoft that they are wrong?
ANd yes it is unpredictable take the wii.. nintendo found a new market of families and kids and they are focusing on them while leaving the hardcore market for xbox 360 and ps3
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pwnsause  +   2665d ago
Siligon is just surprised that the crap articles that he reads on the Internet from anti-PS3 fanboys are just fake, and this article proves it. this is why EA went PS3 lead earlier in the Year. and it shows that we PS3 gamers love to Watch movies and Play Video games all the time thanks to the versitility of the PS3.
ultimolu  +   2665d ago
Go Sony! :D
That's pretty cool.
MrWeymes  +   2665d ago
Well, I know I buy all of my multiplatform games for the PS3. I keep my 360 around for exclusives.
name  +   2665d ago
And yet ubi still screws us over. Sweet.
CViper   2665d ago | Spam
Keele  +   2665d ago
360 is more popular than the Ps3 in Europe so it's not even close to ''finished'' there.
tocrazed4you  +   2665d ago
launch one year and 4 months ahead of the ps3 in europe and yet they arent even out selling it by over a million.... yeahhhhh
morganfell  +   2665d ago
You obviously have never been to Europe. The PS3 is far beyond the 360 in Europe. Europe, the largest sales territory is the main reason why the PS3 outsells the 360 worldwide and has since launch.

Those numbers hurt, don't they little misguided bot.

And to think I just bought another PS3 today. Woohoo, go Sony go.
ruibing  +   2664d ago
It's alright, it's very easy to get continents confused with each other.
Keele  +   2664d ago
Never been to Europe?


The Ps3 isn't BEYOND the 360 in Europe, the 360 has sold more in Europe than the Ps3 regardless of ''1yr''. It still counts and therefore the 360 is more popular than the ps3 in Europe.
Why o why  +   2664d ago
thats the logic of a 3 year old and thats being harsh on all 3 year olds
ThatCanadianGuy  +   2664d ago you ever stop and ask yourself why you have only 3 bubbles?
Keele  +   2664d ago
This has nothing to do with logic my friend.


I have 3 bubbles because 99.9% of this website are pro sony hardcore fanboy and because of that everything that I say in defence of the xbox360 is apparently a death sentence.

The problem here isn't my bullshit but your denial.

Troll? TROLL? Now that's funny.

Because I totally go on ps3 articles and insult the games for 5 hours straight, call the ps3 a flop, make new accounts called ''Gaystation 3'' or ''Flopstation'' and constantly bash ps3 fanboys for liking their ps3.
#9.7 (Edited 2664d ago ) | Agree(2) | Disagree(5) | Report | Reply
ThatCanadianGuy  +   2664d ago
No my silly friend.It's because everything you say is complete bullsh!t

That and you troll all day.Must suck only having 3 bubbles.
Oh well !
ultimolu  +   2664d ago

Keele...that's exactly what you do.

Guys, don't anger the bots now. I don't have enough tissues for all of them! >-<
#9.9 (Edited 2664d ago ) | Agree(1) | Disagree(1) | Report | Reply
morganfell  +   2664d ago
Yeah, 99% of this site are PS3 fanboys. That is why we ps3 FANS couldn't get rid of that ridiculous Ripten BS story that attacked the PS3 version of Far Cry. That is why the story that countered that ridiculous crap from Ripten was killed off by xbots in nothing flat.

But the truth is it's just like you were told above. You can't accept the facts so blaming it on PS3 fanboys is just another way of dodging reality. When you were a kid, did a ghost in the house pee your bed and then blame you?

I guess PS3 fanboys kidnapped Ubisoft execs, held them at gun point and forced these false figures to be released.

morganfell  +   2664d ago
Well if you live in Europe then I suggest coming out from under the bridge or getting off the Ubahn at the Kudaam and going up for some fresh air and joining 2008 because you are not acting like a well informed European citizen.
jack who  +   2665d ago
Ubisoft made more money on PS3 than x360 for the fiscal year ending September 09 ? i tho we are still in 08?
tocrazed4you  +   2665d ago
september 09/08
is when the quarter ended
jack who  +   2665d ago
so it September 09/08 not just September 09 like it is in the read.
xaviertooth  +   2664d ago
time and again, xbots has shown how stuupid they are.

first a nobody claims europe is an xbox turf. and then another idiot (jack who) disputing an official data by not even reading the article. who's next? an idiot will say that shiitbox360 doesn't RRoD on them???
PirateThom  +   2665d ago
The funny thing is that Europe now accounts for over 65% of Ubisofts income, with North America only 29%.

Splinter Cell: Conviction is definitely coming to PS3.
OuterHaven  +   2665d ago
I hope it does, chaos theory was great, it had better come to PS3. They prolly make more money from it. Unless Msoft throws a bucket at them.
Coheno  +   2665d ago
Well... it certainly has been taken back to the drawing board... But M$ has probably paid for a timed exclusive.
morganfell  +   2665d ago
That's okay, I'll wait...and get the superior version when Ubisoft revamps all the issues and ads features.
Halochampian  +   2664d ago
wasnt it said that Conviction was going to be a 360 exclusive for a while now.

they wanted to bring Splinter Cell back to its "roots".
morganfell  +   2664d ago
Yes that was said. Let's add that to the list of the numerous titles that began as exclusives and wound up multiplatform.
Halochampian  +   2664d ago
yea.. but I am just saying at least it will be a timed exclusive. Now it may come to 360 but I think it will be exclusive in some shape and form.
Sarcasm  +   2664d ago
Hasn't splinter cell always been multi-platform anyway?
ICUP  +   2665d ago
How you like them numbers XBOTS?

PS3 owners don't buy games?

PPLZ buy ps3 for blu-ray?
Counter_ACT  +   2665d ago
How can they be making more off the PS3? I thought most mulitplat games they've made this gen for both PS3 & 360 have sold the most on Xbox.

Edit: Oh yeah, Haze. That did pretty poorly though I thought.
#13 (Edited 2665d ago ) | Agree(2) | Disagree(3) | Report | Reply
XxZxX  +   2665d ago
who told you they sold most on XBOX 360 worldwide.

I guess you should listen from publisher from now on. Not from random site.
#13.1 (Edited 2665d ago ) | Agree(7) | Disagree(0) | Report | Reply
Nathaniel_Drake  +   2664d ago
Actually Haze sold really well, mainly across the pond
Ju  +   2664d ago
Also note, that the European market sold better for PS3 titles in general and add to this that the Euro / $ ratio was about +25%, it should add up to this result.
Karum  +   2664d ago
The only figures you ever see are the US sales figures from NPD. The majority of multi platform games selling more on the 360 is something fanboys like to flash around based on US only figures.

The world is bigger than the US which is reflected in the financial reporrts for any company that operates on a worldwide basis.
morganfell  +   2665d ago
Let's see how that POS site Ripten and it's sister site web rag Kotaku plan to urinate on this story.
Cyrus365  +   2665d ago
It's pretty simple,

Xbox does have high attach ratios of 8.1 (But that's USA only), that attach ratio goes down (REALLY down) when you include Europe and Japan.

PS3 doesn't have a super high attach ratio in USA, but is more even across all terrorities, plus if you look at multi-plats, in US (360 sells more), in Europe alot of the times (PS3 sells more, even though their install base is slightly less or the same).

And japan until recently it wasn't even a contest, who sold more software there.
ultimolu  +   2664d ago
Yep, that's what I was thinking.
Ju  +   2664d ago
The attach ratio is fake, even in the US. It mainly results from absolute numbers within the first year head start. Someone should evaluate the numbers over the current year only. I am pretty sure, that proportional to HW installs the PS3 is on par or even ahead the 360 even in the US. Fact is, the PS3 attach ratio is closing in on to that of the 360.
DJ  +   2665d ago
So PS3 is selling more hardware AND more software than Xbox 360.
No wonder so many titles are using PS3 as their lead platform. You would think the system with the bigger install base would have an advantage, but with the RROD mass failures we'll never know exactly how many of the 360 systems sold are still active.

Microsoft may have sold 20 million, but the number of active systems is definitely less than that. How much though is hard to say.
ProjectArsenal  +   2664d ago
Wow, there are only around 15 million PS3s and 21 million 360s so it amazes how Ubisoft made more money on the PS3's software sales than the 360.
GIJeff  +   2664d ago
20 million, - the 33% (this number has been reported as much higher and sometimes a little lower, so we'll use it to be safe)

Alive 360s: 15.4 million

That means that both consoles are within a million alive units of each other. The plot thickens.
Jock  +   2664d ago
Thats because America doesn't account for the entire gaming industry..

Europe is the biggest market where the PS3 generally sells more multi-plat games than the 360
ghamdikh1   2664d ago | Spam
Arsenal4Ever  +   2664d ago
Excellent peice of news. It's about time we see some positivity around these parts.
Why o why  +   2664d ago
good win earlier
I bet MS or Sony wont make any announcements about this and both for different reasons
omodis420  +   2664d ago
Its funny how typical American habits even cross into the gaming culture. People in America tend to ignore the rest of the outside world.

GIJeff  +   2664d ago
another typical thing...
assuming the rest of the world is somehow more knowledgeable and less ignorant. Planet earth = fail.
Karum  +   2664d ago
The rest of the world generally is a lot less ignorant.
ICUP  +   2664d ago
Take notes developers, if you want your games to sell and not fearing those XBOTS stealing your games, then put your games on PS3 first.
Jigsaw-  +   2664d ago
It's higher because ps3 had 2 titles[one being haze] and 360 only had one release truthfully.
omodis420  +   2664d ago
Ubi Soft did more than one game for the 360.
NOt to mention Haze was one of the biggest flops sense LAIR.
#22.1 (Edited 2664d ago ) | Agree(1) | Disagree(0) | Report | Reply
Dragunov  +   2664d ago
All the bot arguments going dosn the toilet. AAA games, no games, better online and now the attach rate. Poor bots your heads will RROD
Talvish  +   2664d ago
Quote data is for 6 months, not year
This report is for the last quarter (Q2) with data for the first 6 months (the first two quarters combined), and comparative data from the previous year.

In the latest 6 month window you see 61% of sales for Europe ... so seeing more money out of Europe isn't entirely surpising given the strength of the Playstation brand in Europe.

Looking at the data, the PS3 has been pretty good for Ubisoft (for 6 months this year and comparative 6 months [same months] last year).

What is interesting is that the Q2 numbers are even at 20% between the 360 and PS3 (with 65% of sales for Europe). It shows the PS3 gained and additional 2% over the comparative quarter last year, but the Xbox gained an additional 6%. That means Q1 results must have heavily favoured the PS3 but the 360 gained ground to even things out.
ghamdikh1   2664d ago | Spam
poopsack  +   2664d ago
yup Haze sold people, lol
Dragunov  +   2664d ago
I HATE Namco too, look at my avatar, and we need to wait until the game gets ported to the 360 to play tekken. Sad and greedy company
Bathyj  +   2664d ago
But but but the install base.

Butbutbut we all about games only.

Wellity, wellity, wellity....
First EA, now Ubi. If Activision is next M$ might as well grab their ankles.

So theres more benifit to leading with PS3 then just the best version of the game for everyone. It makes finacial sense too.

In one years time leading on PS3 will just be the norm. Dont forget, even though we're a couple years into this gen, many companies are still on their first wave on games. When they are getting into their 2nd and 3rds we will really see the benifits, much like with Insominac, the industry leading team we all love.

Just announce GTAV exclusive already Rockstar.
Jigsaw-  +   2664d ago
gta v will be multiplatform. ps3 2 titles so that is why it's higher. it's nto evne the same attach rate as 360.not even close.mgs 4 dropped off the next month for the so called big title.
badz149  +   2664d ago
dude? WTF are u talking about? what's MGS4 got to do with anything over here??
Aclay  +   2664d ago
Well, even though the 360 has picked up some steam in Europe since the price cuts, the Playstation 3 has been a pretty dominate factor over there for some time, but I am really surprised that so much of Ubisoft's profits came from Europe though.

I'm trying to think of a reason why Ubisoft made more money from PS3 sales when games usually sell more on the 360 and the only thing I can think of is that PS3 owners HAVE to purchase a game if they want it, but there are a lot of people out there with modded Xbox 360's and they can download games for Free and that could possibly be an explaination as to why Ubi profited more from the PS3 than 360.

I remember there was one or two article this past week about Xbox 360 Piracy, and people that already have downloaded Gears 2, Fallout 3, and other games before the official release on the 360.... Ubisoft might have actually made more from the 360 if there wasn't people with 360's pirating games.... and that's probably the reason why EA profited more from PS3 software sales as well.
Isaac  +   2664d ago
Yeah, but there's another variable that is not included in this report
That PS3 games are the ones that cost the most to develop for. That's why PS3 has gotten sh1tty ports despite its software sales. However, that's about to change since PS3 development has become easier and 2008 is the year the excuses are not valid anymore. Since PS3 is doing relatively well considering its price point, it's not unrealistic to think that there's a chance for the PS3 to catch up in terms of install base versus Xbox 360.

If that happens, then PS3 will get better support since the games sell more, especially if the ports are better. With home and trophies becoming the standard in 2009, PS3 is sure to become the leading platform for multiplatform titles, and eventually developers could justify making exclusives at their own will (without the need of Sony sending them a 50 million dollar check) because they'll want to exploit Blu-ray space to the max (assassin's creed 2, Elder Scrolls 5, GTA5, Saint's row 3, and other open world games, I'm looking at you).

Even if the Wii is selling less for EA and Ubisoft it's still worth to develop for it since developing for it costs a third or even less of what a PS3 title costs AT MOST.

Oh, and by the way, EA and Ubisoft are the first and third biggest publishers in the world. If this trend continues, it would not surprise me that activision and THQ make their lead platform the PS3. Besides, Activision made an awesome PS3 version of COD4, so things will only look better from now on, unless they screwed COD:WaW. Perhaps after all the MMOs hit the PS3 in 2009 (MAG, The Agency, and others developedby NCSoft and SOE) activision will be convinced to make a port of WoW. Also, several japanese multiplatform games sell more on PS3, including Virtua Fighter 5 and other JRPGs.

It wouldn't surprise me to eventually see most JRPGs that were "exclusive" on 360 hit the PS3, same for other games like Ace Combat, Dead Rising, etcetera. Eventually western games like Mass Effect and its sequels, Splinter Cell Conviction, and others could also make it to PS3. Hell, it's only congruent if developers want to "expand audiences" and make ports of other games like they did to 360... And of course, good for gamers since everyone gets to enjoy almost all games 3rd party games with no exclusive DLC, and instead it lets platform holders work on 1st party support. But of course, that'll never happen in its entirety unless Microsoft starts spending on their own studios instead.
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