Media Create Sales: Luigi's Mansion for 3DS debuts at 27,370 retail sales (11/5/18 – 11/11/18)

The 3DS remake of Luigi’s Mansion sold 27,370 retail copies during its opening week in Japan, the latest Media Create sales figures reveal.

Also new last week, Enhance Games’ music and visuals-enhanced Tetris game Tetris Effect launched for PlayStation 4 at 4,372 retail sales, and From Software’s PlayStation VR title Deracine launched at 3,086 retail sales.

On the hardware side, Switch sold 54,235 units, the PlayStation 4 family sold 16,081 units, and the 3DS family sold 6,218 units.

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Neonridr30d ago (Edited 30d ago )

wow, a 3DS title at the top of the charts. It's been a little while since the last time that happened I think. Next week's numbers should be interesting even though we will only have like 1 or 2 days worth of Pokemon sales for Switch. Switch hardware got a nice little bump, no doubt in anticipation of the game releasing this Friday.

Zeldafan6429d ago

Good numbers except Luigi's Mansion is lower than I expected. I guess it's to be expected though since it is a 17 year old game.

Neonridr29d ago

yeah, I think we will see better numbers for the 3rd game.

ZeekQuattro29d ago

Nice bump for the Switch. Let's Go hype is most certainly the reason behind it. Curious to see how well Pokemon will do next week and beyond. Smash 5 is right around the corner as well. Things are going to get real interesting.

Neonridr29d ago

Switch hardware and software is going to receive a huge boost over the course of the remainder of the year.

King_Noctis29d ago

That Switch sale. Next week its gonna be even crazier.