Nintendo Needs to Stop Putting Digimon in Pokémon

Ever since the public first learned about the Johto Region and the fact that Nintendo pretty much always planned to unveil more Pokémon than the original 150, there has been a vocal contingent of fans insisting that the new additions simply don’t qualify as “real” Pokémon.

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Djinn30d ago

I've been saying this for years and my friends all think I'm crazy. The last couple of gens, the new Pokemon have looked downright gaudy and digimon. Good thing I got out early.

ShadowWolf71230d ago

If Pokemon start looking this badass there may yet be hope.

drpepperdude30d ago

After seeing how much positive reactions that new Pokemon movie is getting I've come to realize the quality of the Pokemon product doesn't matter as long as it has Pokemon stamped on it. Personally used to collect all kinds of Pokemon stuff growing up but I grew out of it a decade ago and haven't liked hardly any of the new Pokemon. I also am a huge fan of Digimon and I wouldn't say they look anything like the new Pokemon. The new Pokemon look more like care bear meets teletubbies with a Pokemon theme.

spartan112g30d ago

Good thing nobody cares about this “vocal contingent of fans”.

OzzY-waZZy30d ago

yes.. less digimon, more spoons, forks, and napkins pls.

EddieNX 30d ago (Edited 30d ago )

Every generation has some silly Pokémon and some awesome Pokémon. The way I see it, if you want a team of dragons and juggernauts then nothing is stopping you. Also if you.want a team of cutlery and condements you can have that also.

Gen 1 had Magnemite (a magnet) , Eggsecute ( some eggs ), grimer ( some slop) . It's not real life , it's a fantasy RPG therefore they can be as silly as they want.

Sirk7x30d ago

I try not to acknowledge any after Gold and Silver lol

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