Games we Bought Twice

Jacob St-Amour from Link-Cable Writes: "Ever played a game that was so good that you had to get an extra copy just to show off how amazing it is? Well, we sure have and it is exactly what we will be discussing in today’s Knights of the Round Cable as we take a deep dive into our gaming catalogue and revisit the games that left such an impact on our lives that we ended up purchasing twice. Definitely, money well spent!"

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ArchangelMike27d ago

I've bought a few games twice over the years. I've bought ICO and Shadow of the Colossus a number of times (PS2, PS3 and PS4). I also bought The Last of Us twice. There have been games though that I have bought 2 copies so I can play with family - I don't know if that counts though?

iofhua27d ago (Edited 27d ago )

I got Elder Scrolls IV on PC and Ps3. I also got Baroque on Wii and Ps2.

* Also got Ocarina of Time on N64 and Gamecube. I got the version with "Master Quest" on Gamecube where all the dungeons are mixed up. I've tried it but I like the normal version better.

GtPawnSacrifices27d ago

Yeah, same. N64, GCN, Wii and even the 3DS OoT.
Which I HIGHLY recommend. The graphics are phenomenally better. And saying that if Nintendo re released the 3DS version as a playable game for the Switch i’d Probably get that too.

RevXM27d ago

The last of us. Ps3 then ps4.

shadow of the colossus. Ps2 then ps4.

Metro 2033/last ligth. Got those on pc then bought the redux for ps4.

lien Isolation. Got that on ps4, then bought it again on a steam sale, its that good and I wanted to try some mods for it.

CobraKai27d ago

I too am guilty of this. Mostly due to HD remasters (not remakes). MGS 1-4. Legend of Zeldas. Etc. and I’ll continue to buy em. As awesome as the classic og releases were, they don’t look good unless played on a CRT tv.

Imortus_san27d ago

Street Fighter, many many times over and over again, R-Type, Raiden, and I don't remember any more.