Sony sending $10 settlement checks for PS3 "Other OS" lawsuit

Sony is sending out settlement checks for 2016's PS3 "Other OS" lawsuit.

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Skull52129d ago

Well that's a sad amount but I'm looking forward to my check anyways, guess it's a free meal.

kneon28d ago

This is how these always go. The only people who make any real money out of it are the lawyers.

darthv7228d ago

I never filled out the form so i never settled. Other OS is to near and dear to my heart to settle for a pittance.

Plus i actually have a 60gb unit in the box that still has it on there.

nitus1027d ago

May I ask what did you use the "Other OS" feature for?

FYI. I have been professionally running a Linux distribution since 1998 (my latest OS is Fedora 29) and found the "Other OS" feature of the PS3 (my original PS3 still works) to be pretty much useless. Anyway, I buy a gaming machine to play games.

BTW, It was optional if you downloaded the update to remove the "Other OS" feature but if you did not do that you would not have access to the PSN.

rainslacker27d ago

$10 for the removal of a feature you, and likely 99% of the people who brought a PS3 and also got a check never used?

Seems more than fair to me.

What's weird is I got a check for it yesterday, and I don't recall opting in to the class action, because I don't recall caring that much, or thinking I deserved it. I must have though.

Cmv3828d ago

Just send me 10 dollars psn and you get your money right back Sony lol

ZaWarudo28d ago

Would've preferred a $10 PSN credit lol. Too lazy to head down to the bank fkr $10.

ccgr28d ago

Ha! I still cash 0.01 checks from my old employer because it costs more to mail the check than it's worth

B_Rian8927d ago

most banks have apps that allow you to deposit checks from your phone. just take a pic and upload it


Me too..I thought we were getting 60?

v_eno_m28d ago

yeah, wtf happened to the $60?

franwex28d ago

Maybe too many people participate

rainslacker27d ago (Edited 27d ago )

Lawyers take their cut.

Otherwise, it is based on number of people, as the settlement amount was determined before hand. If not enough people settled, then the max amount they'd get would be $60.

Theoretically, if one didn't opt in, they could sue Sony separately, but then they'd have to claim they lost out somehow, which may be hard to do. A class action means anyone can get money, even if they didn't really lose anything.

xRacer74x28d ago

Got mine yesterday. It was actually 10.07. I thought it was going to be 50 or 60 when you first filled out the form. Guess a lot of people filled out the form.

Retroman28d ago

Where did you get the form from??? thru mail , online survey??

franwex28d ago

It was an email. Looked fake.

xRacer74x28d ago

Its 10 bucks hardly worth the time. specially since you have to find the serial number to your ps3 which is either in a closet or still hooked up either way not worth the time.
@Franwex. yea but it was all over this site talking about it so you knew it was legit.

dudeOplenty28d ago


$10 for 90 seconds of minimal effort isn't that bad. Got mine... can confirm it's 10.07. News reports before the judge extended the submission date and qualifications were $50 - $75 I believe.

rainslacker27d ago

I got mine through email. however, they would have sent them through regular mail if that email was no longer valid. They're responsible to make a good faith effort to contact those who would be eligible for a settlement.

I remember getting the email, but don't recall filling it out. However, I got a check yesterday, so was kind of surprised.


I looked at what was required, and you didn't need a serial number. You would have gotten one if you registered your system, or were the first to activate a new system during the time that OtherOS was an advertised feature. This would affect the systems sold in the first few years or so.

As I recall, the only information that it asked for was your PSN ID, current address and phone number, and some questions on if you knew about the feature when you brought the system.

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